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Category : Books
Genre : Business & Investing
Author : Marshall Goldsmith

What an amazing book. Goldsmith outlines an incredible set of minor habits and traits of a person who has led a successful life and pinpoints how each person has some of these that really hold them back from going farther in there lives. The main theme is that successful people generally believe that their bad habits are what got them there to there current place so they seem like good things. This is not necessarily true and these beliefs are typically limiting success from going further. Goldsmith explores a process to identify these habits and the impact they have on others, to then plan and change those by minor adjustments and feedback over 12-18 months and to specifically focus and measure these parameters to ensure the changes stick. All this leads you and will set you up to be even MORE successful.

Overall, the book is simply excellent! The habits listed and the way the impact to others is described is deadly accurate. Goldsmith also clearly describes these habits and makes it very easy to identify with each of them as he describes areas to improve on. I never saw how my own attitudes of some of these concepts is something that feeds who I am and that some of those need to change in order to improve myself even farther. I’d definitely recommend this book, but only to someone who really is looking forward to improving their relations and is willing to make some commitments to change. Otherwise, the book would probably be useless. Goldsmith himself talks about those he coaches and only works for those who truly are committed to changing so reading this book and really making it useful requires the same type of person.

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