ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview Author: Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler Crucial Conversations are those conversations with touchy subjects, high impact on one’s relationships and life and any conversation that is generally risky or uncomfortable to have. Most people are truly afraid of these conversations and don’t handle them well. This book examines a method of approaching and having these conversations that the authors have learned through years of experience and coaching to work reliably and have a very positive outcome. The key to these crucial conversations is first, having them. Confronting them head one and using special care and thought to deliver the message. This is done by techniques to have others lower their defenses, have understanding, emotional safety and freedom of expression. This book is a great guide to these conversations and it outlines 7 significant principals of any crucial conversation. Principle 1: Start with heart and put some real thought and meaning into the conversation. Principle 2: Learn to look for shared interests and meaning for both parties to have understanding on. Principle 3: Make it safe so information can flow freely. Principle 4: Master communicating with stories. Principle 5: State my path and deliver your message with persuasion. Principle 6: Explore others’ paths by listening when others are explosive and understand why. Principle 7: Move to action and outcome from a conversation. With these principles in place, the authors give examples and stories of where and how they work and what they sound like in a real conversation. These principles and execution of them will take your conversations to a new level with deeper bonding and improved communication, respect and a whole new level of openness in your relationships. They will prepare you for any conversation that has some lasting impact and help you handle it better and get good results from it. Its a very interesting book, quite short and easy to read. Lots of short examples and stories keep the examples realistic and the reader interested. Its well written and contains very valuable information if you practice it and act on the guidelines presented. Related Training in Calgary Murray Lowl added a mention that LeadershipSmarts Executive Forum Ltd. provides conversational, leadership and other executive training, partly based on this particular book. Have a look at the website for more details and comments below. Especially the Study Guide PDF file for this book available in their resources guide.

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