What is Passion?

I’m not sure about each of you, but I know that I get very passionate about things I learn. Or is it that I have the passion for those things and so I learn them? Well, I really don’t know, probably a bit of both. I do however, find it very interesting how much I personally find that my learning and passions align so much in my life. Whether its a similarities in my work and personal life or how I explore books, I continually see alignment of how the things I learn apply in so many areas of my life. Those are the areas I’m most passionate about and it continues to feed the passion in a strengthening cycle. The more I learn about something, the more I enjoy it, and so then the more I want to learn even more about it.

Passion Roadblocks

I’ve spent a lot of time reading leadership/management and business books to improve my career and at the same time, most of the authors I’ve enjoyed most mix the business life with a personal touch and write about applying this in your personal life as well. Changing bad habits and improving one self cannot happen solely in the workplace even if business books, performance reviews, your boss and your company are pretty much only concerned only about your day life at the office. Your actions, mannerisms, character and passions are not completely separable from your personal life no matter how hard you try. In order to change these things, you need to change them everywhere in your life. That’s where passion often plays its part. A passion can be so strong it will steer every area of your life, home and work and can drive a person to learn and follow more about that area of desire.

Using Passion

Now, I’m talking about a positive passion, something to improve your life or the life of others. Recognizing this, understanding it, following it and learning from it are then different for each person. Using a passion in your life can lead to an extremely successful meaningful life. Its a sad fact how many people in this world simply “get by” in life and don’t make the most of it. One way to do this is to have and use your passions in life to be more joyful and to live with purpose and meaning. I’m planning to explore the topic of passion in several upcoming articles.

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