I wanted to publish this which originated from my last article about State of Mind , because this is also a technique that really requires you to master your own mind in your own responses in life. Basically this is about how people respond to things in life and I want to help teach that you have complete control over how to respond to everything in life. This is not only your state of mind, but also your actions, reactions and it even extends to all of your decisions and choices in life.


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Basically what I want to say is that you make every single choice in your life and you are responsible for all of it. So many people think that they are victims in life and suffer from bad luck and circumstances that they have no control of. Now, any speaker I’ve heard talk about this always has their share of skeptics and critics and I’m sure I have the same here. And that is normal, this goes against what nearly everyone believes. Most people believe that they are victimized in society by all the bad stuff that happens to them and they aren’t willing to accept the fact that their choices and lifestyle that led to those negative things. People would rather believe that what happened to them was just out of their control.

One major exception that will likely never win an argument is that of child abuse and whether or not a child can really do anything about it. Well, that depends really on a child’s age and ability to stand up for themselves. I’ve heard about and read about children who have done something about abuse and ended up extremely happy living a wonderful life instead of letting it happen, dwelling on the past and feeling like a victim for the rest of their lives. If you don’t agree with this possibility to choose, that’s fine, please just keep on reading. After an age where we can stand up for ourselves and make our own decisions, we each are responsible for our own outcomes.

All our experiences, whether they are positive or negative are created by the choices we each make and are avoidable by making different choices. Negative experiences like accidents, attacks from someone else, situational mishaps, relation problems, “bad luck”, whatever it is, these occur because of our own choices in life. A person chooses to drive to work or drive in an unsafe manner when an accident occurs. A person chooses to live in an area or city where their is high crime and claim to be a victim when they are robbed. And people choose to respond in their own way to every situation they find themselves in. Since this is a very broad topic and deserves several articles on each area, I’m going to focus specifically on how people respond emotionally to situations.

No One Can Make You Feel Emotions

People are constantly blaming others and situations for their own problems. They say someone made them mad, or a type of person really annoys them, or that you can’t do something because of what someone else instills in your mind. Its all backwards and in reality, most people are just using the victim game because they don’t dare take responsibility for the bad things that occur in their lives. They continue to do the same things over and over, and expect different results (which is the definition of insanity, by the way). Learning to take control of your response will allow you to hold whatever emotions you want with nothing able to shift them. If something seems to make you angry, its not the something that made you angry, its you choosing to be angry because of that thing. Do you have to be angry because of it? Of course NOT!

Re-frame Your Response

frame Getting out of this trap involves learning to re-frame your thoughts and responses. You can do this by using the techniques I taught to Change Your State of Mind on my last article and also by being more aware of your decisions so you can change them (which of course needs practice). You must also believe that you can change your own mind and that your response is something that no one else nor anything else can change directly. This is very hard to do for most people as its difficult to accept and take responsibility for every emotion felt, it’s easier to simply blame others. That doesn’t mean its right though.

Some things to help learn this are:

  • Pick one emotion you want to avoid each day – do this by picking something you often feel, and decide to re-frame it with a different state of mind when it happens.
  • Concentrate and remind yourself through the day to watch for that emotion and change it the moment you recognize it happening.
  • Utilize other techniques to reinforce that replacement feeling (such as with affirmations if they work for you)
  • Write down each time you recognize it occurring (even identifying it without the ability to change it is a great starting point)
  • Review these notes daily to see over a week how you can eliminate those feelings

This will train the mind to have a different automatic response or at least an immediate change when that initial feeling occurs. This takes practice to master but will introduce a massive shift in your life to control your state of mind and control your response to everything that happens to you. This can boost your energy, positivity, self-esteem, integrity, beliefs, relationships and many other areas of your life as your emotions and state of mind affect everything you do. Take some time to work on this. And I’d love to hear about your own experiences in learning this and how it goes for you!  Let me know if you are interested in this topic and more related articles by leaving a comment!

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