Unfortunately, there seems to be major shifts in the minds of our changing generations.  That shift is leaning people to need more things spoon fed to them with continuous distractions and activities while the mind of every individual is becoming more and more unchallenged.  Kids especially show this as young generations are easily bored and they seem to require more and more toys, games, activities, attention and things to keep them happy.  Funny thing is, this is happening mostly in the highly developed nations.Boredom

Learning Keeps the Mind Active

An active mind is a healthy mind so its important to keep your mind active throughout your life, not just when you are young.  One method to really keep the mind truly challenged is to always be learning.  Many people get to a point in their lives where they don’t believe they need to and some even think that they are no longer able to learn new things once they reach a certain age.  It’s this kind of believe that prevents them from learning new things, not their age at all.  It takes years to slowly disengage the mind and many people let their work and home lives become so comfortable and repetitive that they have no need to learn new things.  They don’t take on new experiences, they never go out looking to read or learn new things and they do the same job for many years!  This kind of lifestyle will quickly give someone the belief that they can’t learn any longer and its that believe then that prevents them from ever taking on new learning activities.

I recently wrote an article about empowering others to become learners and every step in that article applies to ourselves as well!.  The practice of learning new skills, studying new material, and building new skills and knowledge to apply is a powerful mind enhancer.  It strengthens your neural connections in the brain and exercises the mind’s memory.

Creative People Don’t Get Bored

Creativity is a trait that usually goes hand in hand with learning.  The most creative people in history and even those I know in my life are also the people that are constantly learning new things.  Think of famous inventors, artists and teachers; they are all creative and people who are constantly learning.  Creative thinkers are able to find new activities with very little or even no stimulation.  They can take their surroundings or current activity that might be very boring to one individual, and they can find new things to do, create and to think about.  Its doesn’t seem to matter where they are, who they are with, or what the environment has in it to spark the creativity and learning attitude to expose itself.

Using the signs of boredom is a very powerful tool in life.  Its useful to parents, teachers, and leaders in all areas of life.  Parents and teachers can use it as a sign that they have students or children with untapped potential just looking for more challenging studies and activities.  It’s a sign that the creative side of a person is not yet that developed either so bringing more of creative learning, games, hobbies and activities can improve that creative thinking.  Leaders can use it to easily identify their most creative thinkers and those who can handle more challenging work.  Learning should be an important part of everyone’s lives and at least in these areas, you can make a huge difference to yourself and others by making learning continuous and a bigger part of life!

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