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Something that always amazing me is how quickly I find that others are interested in one of my favorite past-times, extreme mountain unicycling.  It’s a sport that hardly anyone does yet nearly everyone who sees and hears about it is immediately more engaging than normal.  People become instantly inquisitive and puzzled when the topic comes up and I always get bombarded with questions about the sport.  Things like:

  • Why someone would ride a unicycle?
  • How its even possible to ride one?
  • When did you learn?
  • How long did it take to learn?
  • Can you teach someone else?
  • How much does a unicycle cost and where can you buy one?
  • Where do you ride?
  • Who do you ride with?
  • What can you do on a unicycle?

I’ve answered some of those very questions here on this mountain unicycling page since I’m sure many of you are just as curious as others I encounter about the sport.  However, I wanted to cover the subject specifically from the perspective of what about it that makes it so engaging to others and how you can use that to actually engage others more in your own life.

What Makes People be Engaged About Unicycling?

This question is a good question to ask anytime you encounter seeing something that really engages people.  Whether you are curious from the perspective of a company leader for employee engagement, a parent wanting to engage their children more or part of a group or organization where you want to have more activity in it through engaging others, understanding this question will help to create the atmosphere and interest that you want for engaging others.

So, I think there are 3 things that answer this question about why mountain unicycling is so engaging.

  • It’s unique and intriguing
  • It’s difficult and seems dangerous
  • Special skills and talents are needed

Unique and Intriguing

The first reason is because mountain unicycling is very unique.  It’s something not many people have even heard of let along seen it before.  Unicycling on its own is a rare occurrence so the idea of taking own off-road and into the mountains is hard to believe!  That highly interests people and so their curious nature leads them to find out more and ask questions.

The whole idea of riding a unicycle is intriguing because it is not immediately obviously and certainly not well known how to ride one and how you can keep it balanced upright.  The fact of it being unique is that when you do encounter someone on a unicycle or talk about unicycling, you better get engaged at the time since you likely won’t have too many more opportunities to find out more since the chances of finding someone else on one are slim.

Difficult and Dangerous

Another reason people are so engaged about mountain unicycling is because it is so difficult.  To learn takes hours of practice and it is a sport that requires great balance.  No one can simply start unicycling without practice and that difficult nature about it makes it something of interest.

If unicycling on its own isn’t enough, taking one off-road and into the mountains certainly adds a new element of danger to the sport.  Riding down a rocky slope some people would dare to walk on, has that risk factor that attracts people’s attention.  People love to watch risky things and the possibility of someone injuring themselves adds to the addictive nature of it.  I can’t say that mountain unicycling is any more dangerous than mountain biking or other extreme sports as it doesn’t have the speed factor of other sports.  What it does have however, is a very high chance of a crash and their are often amusing and sometimes painful wipeouts to see.  I’ve learned out of necessity to wear proper armor and body protection so I don’t get hurt but I still know the crashes are why most people want to watch!

Special Skills and Talents

Finally, the last reason that mountain unicycling is so engaging to people is because of the special skills and talents it requires.  People want to know how you learned one and why you do it.  What would motivate a person to learn to ride a unicycle in the first place?  It’s these types of special skills that interests people and leads their questioning.

What do You Have to Engage Others With?

Looking at these three areas about mountain unicycling should give you some ideas about areas in your own life that you have to help engage others in.  Any unique and uncommon activities is obviously a great place to start.  Look at the activities and sports you do, perhaps you have things that are especially difficult or dangerous that would interest others.  And finally, look at things you are involved with that require special skills and talents.  Anything that is difficult to learn and takes practice, is a great topic of discussion.  All of these things can help you to engage others in conversations and to know more about you if you are involved with those.  Use them to help engage others and look for the same areas in other people to be more engaged with them and their activities.

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