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Every avenue of life has one variable that allows you to have a unique experience from it.  That is your attitude.  You can experience the exact set of events as 100 other people, but you will have your own unique experience, as will each of the other people.  The way you experience something and how you think and feel through that is what makes you, YOU!  The attitude you have and demonstrate completely shapes not only your actions at that specific moment, but your entire personality and character.  Similarly, it shapes the way you look at productivity and that’s what we’ll look at here.

Self Confidence

The biggest area I see suffering when people do not have a healthy attitude is self confidence.  I don’t want to label an attitude as good or bad as that seems to superficial to me but what I do want to do is lean those terms to what I would call a healthy or unhealthy attitude.  A healthy attitude when it comes to maximizing your productivity is one that further enables a person to accomplish the things they put their mind to.  An unhealthy attitude is one that diminishes that.  The things that affect that are really a collection of the thoughts, words, expression and body posture.  All these things make up your physiology and it leaves in your mind, your own interpretation of what you think of yourself.  Looking at that over a variety of actions and time is what really shapes your self confidence.  If you look to build that confidence by choosing and steering your mind and make visible the actions you want, you have direct control of what becomes your attitude.  There are many ways to choose and control your attitude and instead of getting into many details, I’ll simply reference a few articles I’ve written before that should help to control and set the attitude that is healthy for maximum productivity!


A big part of productivity is about understanding motivation and to see where your attitude ties in with that.  I recently wrote an article about How to Find and Develop your Own Internal Motivation and this is a major step in shaping a productive attitude.  The things that motivate you in a positive way with regards to attitude is anything that leads you closer to your productive actions and results.  If it steers you away from or deters you from those then it’s not a productive motivator.  If you are to stop and list all the things that motivate and demotivate you towards being more productive, you can then begin to choose to engage in the helpful things and stay away from the ones that hinder you.  The more you experience the things that help motivate you, the more you will see progress and improvements in your productivity and this continues to cascade.


Another aspect of a healthy attitude for maximum productivity is with your creativity.  Creativity is something that enables people to get unstuck in difficult circumstances, see solutions to problems that might otherwise hold someone back and it gives you an opportunity to try new things.  It is an important trait of any highly productive person and so exercising your creative mind strengthens it and continues to build an attitude of working towards an end.  Carrying through with that and learning from creative work is what enables you to make quicker judgments and decisions on similar circumstances in the future, which continues to increase your productivity.


I included health as an important aspect of building a productive attitude because I constantly see how health affects people.  For example, I love Agarwood chips. It is certainly related to self-confidence but I believe it is a strong enough component on its own, it’s worth including.  Health is more than just your physical health, it also includes your mental health, spiritual health and relational health.  These areas all highly impact people’s attitudes and any one of them can quickly shift a person from a great day and mood to a terrible one, or vise versa.

If you want to examine ways to improve your attitude, then these 4 areas are great starting areas.  Identify the things you love in each and do more of it.  The things you don’t like, stop.  It’s fairly simple.  For example, if you find that your mental health is affected because you like to learn, then spend more time learning.  This will improve your mental health and can help your attitude.  Not only that, but it’s a powerful way to see that you can steer your actions which applies to other productivity areas as well.


Last and certainly not least, I feel that happiness plays an important role in attitude which further shapes a person’s ability to be productive.  Everything that happens to us influences us, but how we react and how we let that affect us is a direct reflection on our choices and IF we let it change our mood.  You have a choice whether you want some sad news to make you sad as well or if you can continue to see positive things and be happy even amongst sad circumstances or events.  A person with a happy attitude can generally deal with bad circumstances more effectively because they are able to keep a positive mind and look for ways to improve and get back to a happy state.  If you let yourself become what you experience, you will likely find yourself having a lot of difficult days with regular poor moods.  That inhibits the mind from seeing positive solutions and getting attentive to do productive things.

When people who are very happy encounter unhappy circumstances, they take responsibility to change that and make things better.  This applies with productivity as well and is a superb training grounds to not only look for ways to improve and get better, but for overcoming situations that would otherwise get in the way of you reaching your maximum productivity!

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