This is the start of a new series on leadership.  I’ll briefly introduce each section below to give you an idea what you can expect in this series of articles.

NOTE: Each of the titles links into the series.

Understanding What It Is

Leadership is something that can easily be explained, but it is very difficult to put into practice.  It’s important to understand what it is and the various things that make up leadership.

Know Yourself and Your Capabilities

In order to put the areas of leadership into practice once you do have an understanding of it, you need to look at yourself and your own capabilities so that you know what areas to develop, use and avoid in your leadership style.  The characteristics of your own personality will also great impact your leadership and you should know how.

Skill Development

Any leader is going to realize that they cannot be everything they want to be without a lot of development of their skills.  No matter where you are in your leadership abilities, there are always skills to learn, new ones to develop and refining to do on the ones you have.

Remember, It’s About People

Human nature is important to know, understand and handle as a leader.  Every step you take as a leader will need to be done with one important fact in mind, it’s all about people.

Willingness to Take Risks

Leaders drive change and they inspire others to follow them by challenging new things and persisting through it to a point of success.  That willingness to take risks is a critical aspect of leadership to explore.

Accepting Mistakes

Leaders are not better at things than others, they are not smarter, they are not lucky and they are not born that way either.  They are however able to learn and accept their mistakes without mistakes holding them back from continued leadership.

Give Direction

Leaders can only lead if they give some direction or example for others to follow, otherwise it’s not leading.


Finally, my final area to cover of leadership is doing all this while staying humble.  Great leaders are humble in their work, lives and leadership and it enables them to be lasting leaders well beyond their time and direct role of influence.

Each of the articles titles above link into the series.

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