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What is Learned From Running a Blog?

November 12th 2009

As I’m sure everyone finds, cycles of time come and go in life and how we choose to spend that time determines everything we get involved in. For the last few months I’ve shifted much of my free time either to work on renovations and home improvements since moving or I’ve put my time in working for clients in my 3D business.  That need will likely continue and when I do make time to spend on my blog much of it makes me realize just how much there is to learn in running a blog. This article summarizes 3 important areas I’ve learned the most about from blogging!

The People Factor

Lessons from Blogging

This is definitely the one I like the most about blogging.  Having discussions with people and developing connections and friendships online is definitely a great value.  I’m afraid that many people get into blogging for themselves and so don’t ever spend much time interacting with or even trying to get to know other people through their blog.  I love this part of blogging and knowing there are friends who support me and who have similar thoughts and experiences that visit my blog (and I theirs) on a regular basis.  This itself is a huge encouragement which makes the time spent feel so much more valuable.  I only wish and hope that I’ll be able to meet in person some of the people I feel like I know so well online.  It’s incredible how revealing blogging can be and a person can definitely get to know another person quickly when they share a lot of their thoughts and backgrounds on important subjects.  I find this especially true for personal development blogs since the subject is so often rooted in underlying beliefs, morals and life principles, you find out quickly what matters to a person and yourself and talk about those items.  If only we could have those conversations with everyone we meet in our work and day to day interactions, image how much quicker we would get to know people.

Online Marketing

Online marketing and promotion is another huge area for learning as a blogger.  I definitely knew a few things about online marketing before I got into blogging from operating my own online freelance graphics business but I never ventured into nearly as much marketing and promotion as I did once I got into blogging. I knew a bit about web design and HTML coding but knew little about all the variety of things you find in a marketing glossary. Words like SEO, adsense, click fraud, CTR, CPC, affiliate marketing, conversions, page rank, social media, and literally hundreds of other words for marketing your content and site I’ve learned as I’ve explored this vast world of online marketing.  I will say however that while all this learning has occurred naturally as I’ve been reading and involved with other bloggers in their own search for learning to market their content better and better.

Not only has this helped me with my blog, but also my business websites and my day job also gets the benefit of my knowledge now put to use for new online marketing programs that had never before existed.  I’m confident this media will only continue to expand so there is definitely value in knowing how to use it effectively for your business and personal life.  There is much more to learn and it seems to ever be evolving, the perfect recipe for someone who doesn’t ever want to stop learning!  Ha!

Learning from the Content

Written content is continually valuable for yourself and others as reference material.  I find myself referring to articles and series I wrote quite a while ago now very often and they are always valuable to me to pass along to people asking about those subjects.  I’m constantly surprised by how much shear volume of content that accumulates from blogging and how useful it can be in a variety of situations.

The other great thing to be learned from the content is in writing it itself.  I write about subjects I am interested in but I certainly don’t only pick subjects I already know about.  I go out and research my topics, I read books and articles to gain some insight and varying perspectives on the subject and then I write my own version and opinions on the subject based on what I’ve learned and experienced about it.  Sometimes this is over the course of years or even my whole lifetime and sometimes it’s over the course of a few hours.  There is something I learn, reinforce or realize every time I write any new content.

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The Kaleidoscope Relationships List

November 11th 2009

Kaleidoscope Relationships List

I received a message from Priscilla of introducing me to this list and was pleased to see myself among such a great list of personal development authors.  The idea behind promoting this list is to add personal connections to bloggers who deserve to be on this list since they use relationships in their blogging.  Well, I think that is really cool and am honored to be on the list.

From Prescilla’s Site:

No one achieves success without the help and support of other people. The book “Personal Development Kaleidoscope”, is a demonstration of the power of connection in action. The Kaleidoscope Relationships List began with only a list of the authors and their web-sites. These authors were eached asked to publish the list on their site, and to add 5-10 people who they feel use or have used the principles taught in this book effectively.

In order to increase the power of our relationships, we are asking those of you who have been added to the list to continue the process. Please post this list on your own site, then add people who you feel are effectively using the power of relationships to increase their own success, as well as, the success of others. Then email Priscilla at

My Additions to the List

These are the people I communicate often with and definitely value the relationships with that I don’t yet see on the list.  I’ve already emailed each of your sites to Priscilla so I hope to see you added to the list.

Armen Shirvanian (Timeless Information)

Bunny (BunnyGotBlog)

Dragos Roua (

Steve Borgman (Success Factors)

Stephen (Balanced Existence)

Alik Levin (

Arswino (Inspiration & Motivation Blog)

Ian (Quantum Learning)

Daphne (Joyful Days)

Lance (Jungle of Life)

Stephen (Rat Race Trap)

The List

Abu Aremu        Positive Self Talk Guide

Adam Kayce       Monk at Work

Adebola Oni      Naija Motivation

Al Ramsey

Alex Shalman     Practical Personal Development

Angela Lord at

Arthur Hung & Jason Fonceca     Spiritentient

Cheryl Ragsdale     That Girl Is Funny

Chris Cade Think without the box

Chris Marshall     Martial Development

CK Reyes           My Coaching Works

Cinderella S Kelley Kroh   The Krohs Nest

Cindie Wilding   Answers From Within

Corrinne Edwards  Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards

Craig Harper     Motivational Speaker – Craig Harper

Crystal Silver

Daniel Sitter       Idea Sellers

David Rogers     How to Have Great Self Confidence

David Zinger     David Zinger Associates

Dawn Edwards     Second Hand Roses

Dawna Jones      Management-Issues

Diane Brandon     Diane and Diane

Dr. Susan R. Meyer, Ed. D.   Life Work Cafe

Dr. Venerina Conti

El Baugher at

Ellie Walsh at     Living the Law of Attraction

Frank Butterfield     Life Unfolding Beautifully and 68 Second Videos and Re/Transformation

Gamy Rachel     Mind Think Success

Gary Evans     Good To Feel Good

Gleb Reys        Personal Development Ideas

Gordie Rogers     Lifestyle Design 4U

Gregory Allen Butler

Heather Bestel a little bit of me time

Henrik Edberg The Positivity Blog

Isabella Mori      MoriTherapy

Jacklyn Ker     Inspiring and Empowing Lives

Jeanette Maw     Good Vibe Coaching

Jeanne May        Goals and Aspirations

Jeff ‘Yoopersmith’ Smith    Shift-Your-Consciousness

Jennifer Mannion

John Sadler      Bitesize Marketing NLP

Jonathan Fields    Awake At the Wheel

Jonathan Wells      Advanced Life Skills

Jordan Rosenfeld     Make a Scene

Judy Kinney      Dream and Flourish

Judy Martin       The Work/Life Monitor

Justin Wolsey Riggs     Easier Method

Kaya Singer     Awakening Business

Karen Putz     A Deaf Mom Shares Her World

Lexi Sundell     Energies of Creation

Liz Strauss     Successful Blog

Lori Painter at      Inspire2act

Lorraine Cohen     Powerfull Living

Lyman Reed     Free Personal Development Material

Lynn Solarczyk     Livingloa

Luciano Passuello

M. Farouk Radwan     2knowmyself

Mel Kaye     Monday Morning Power

Melissa Goerke      Melissa Thinks Out Loud

Marelisa Fábrega     Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online

Meryl K. Evans

Michele Woodward

Michelle Vandepas     Conscious Destiny

Mike King Learn This

Mohammad Shafi’e     Ultimate Secrets of Success

Neil Sattin and Natural Dog Blog

Patricia Schiavone     Thriving Together, and Attracting The Best

Patricia Singleton     Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker

Phil Gerbyshak

Priscilla McIntire at    Personal Development Demands Success

Rachel Rofe at

Rahul Bhambhani

Robert Henru       Reason4Smile

Robert Higginson    Robert Higginson

Robin Skeen     Robin?s Reflections

Rod Smith      Difficult Relationships

Sam Kotadia

Scott Ginsberg     Hello, My Name Is Blog

Scott H Young

Sharani Robins     Sharani Girl on a Road

Sherri Joubert       Being The Change I Wish To see

Shauna Arthurs     Follow Your Path and Breathing Prosperity

Slade Roberson     Shift Your Spirits

Sonia Simone       Remarkable Communication

Steven Aitchison    Change Your Thoughts

Sugandi Iyer     Life Business Creations

Thea Westra and

Tina Su     Think Simple Now

Todd Goldfarb     We The Change

Vincent Tan      Health Money Success
Vivienne Quek      Versa Creations

Zorka Hereford     Essential Life Skills

Zubli Zainordin     Your Wisdom of Total Happiness

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The Power of a Plan

November 2nd 2009


For many people, things they do at work seem to come quite naturally in their work but not so much in their personal lives. Especially when it comes to planning and seeing the power of a plan.  There is certainly power in having a plan for yourself, your life, your family, your health, your relationships and the hobbies you take on. Perhaps a plan for the way you are involved with your friends (Joel J Turney LLC), family, neighbors, colleagues. What about using a plan for ensuring you get what is truly most important to you in your life? What about a plan that ensure you stay on track and that your plan is really what you want it to be? Many people I know in my work can easily formulate a plan for some project or set of complex tasks in their job tasks yet they don’t connect the same value when they think about things in their personal lives.

There is More to Life Than Work

Even without getting to the point of how people work too much, I want to highlight the fact that the important things in life include many areas outside your work. I continually hear people say things like work most important since it is a third of your life, which is a HUGE exaggeration! Even working for 50 years in life, a 40 hour work week equates only to a complete total of 12.5 years in an average life of 75 years which is less than 17% of one’s total life. Close to 33% is spent sleeping and so that leaves 50% of life in other areas.  Everything else fits in there from birth to death.  50% of all your living hours are up to you and your family for how they are spent and many people don’t think that’s worth planning!!  That’s crazy!

Categories for Planning Life


Life has so many areas to explore and those areas deserve the same kind of thoughts and planning as work does.  Categories I use to look at specific goal setting and life planning are:

  • Relationships
  • Spiritual
  • Health
  • Emotions
  • Things
  • Financial
  • Career

Your categories might be different but ensure you think big picture when your making life plans.  Think about everything that you value and what you wouldn’t want to live without and ensure those areas are covered in your plans.  Think about what matters if this was your last day on earth or if you knew you had only a week to live.  What would you do?  With who?  How would you want to be remembered?  Are these your passions in life now or are you still searching for your purpose and passions in life?

Write it Down

Did you know that only about 4% of people write out their goals and plans for life?  Its true and its scary when you think about it.  There are so many people living life without a written plan. Are you one of them?  Writing down your goals and plans solidifies it, puts added committment to it and makes it something much more real than just a thought or idea.  It gives the plan real substance and provides a way to review it and visualize it.  The power of a plan extends far beyond work in all areas of life and only if its written down will it have even a chance of being realized.

What’s In A Plan

The content of the plan is where the real thought has to go.  You can’t make a plan without some careful time thinking and trying to understand how you want things to proceed.  This is true in day to day jobs and its true in life as well.  The only thing you can do well without a plan are things you’ve done over and over, and learned to do them naturally.  These may be things you need to do but for most people, the natural actions are not the things we wish we were doing in life, or the things we want to change or learn to do.  For most people, learning new things is a challenge and we all have ideas of what we wish we were better at, doing more of or doing differently in our lives.  This requires change and repeating what we’ve always done (since that is what happens without a plan) definitely won’t lead to that change.  Look for the things that matter to you in each of the categories above.  Don’t settle for what you have, ask yourself why that matters or what will you ultimately gain if you accomplish it to drive out the real reasons behind each item.  You should be able to justify true meaning to all your plans and know that they fit into your life’s purpose.  If you don’t know what that is, then clearly you need more planning, not less which unfortunately many people do when first being frustrated about questions of purpose.  Look for the things that impact others and how others impact you, that’s an easy place to start because we all form opinions of what that ought to look like.

Let Your Plan Change

Plans are much easier if you leave some room to grow it and change it.  Its unlikely that one plan will last many years and you need to adjust it as you learn more about what matters to you. If and how your purpose changes should also spark you to revisit your plan.  It is something you need to refer to often and there is nothing wrong with changing it as life changes.  The more often you look at a plan and change it the easier you can adjust to new circumstances and still ensure you are ultimately on track with the big picture goals and results for that plan.  Also, revisiting a plan lets you avoid complacency as you accomplish the things on it.  Don’t stagnate, instead keep pushing yourself and ensure you add to your plan and let it change as you do to keep you driven with purpose and meaning.

My wish is that everyone I know wrote out their goals and made plans for their life with some idea and thinking of what their purpose is with discussions and relationships founded in what is important in each plan.  This would bring happiness to many and I know the power of what could be accomplished if this were true.  I know I won’t be able to get everyone I know to take this challenge on, but everyone I know who has, has seen great results and now also understands the power of a plan.

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