Relationships are not easy but they are absolutely worth every ounce of effort you put into them.  They are the most rewarding area of life and the one thing that lasts despite all other things.  With the fun I’ve had in writing several 100 lists and my recently released ebook on “Building Better Relationships“, I knew the next 100 list would have to be about relationships.  My ebook is about relationships in general and doesn’t get into romantic relationships, so neither does this list.  These items can be used to improve any relationship and there easily 100 more things that would be more specific to romantic relationship, which I have not going into.  So here it is: 100 ways to improve your relationships!

  1. Make breakfast for someone in bed
  2. Send someone a hand written thank you note for something they did
  3. Leave a message or note telling someone what you appreciate about them
  4. Make time commitments that are realistic and possible
  5. Ensure you do everything you can to meet your commitments
  6. Don’t take promises lightly, be honest and keep themimprove your relationships
  7. Turn the TV off and have a real conversation
  8. Upgrade your communication style
  9. Talk about what you both want out of a relationships
  10. Find a chore you can do with another person
  11. Offer to do a regular activity together
  12. Buy groceries together
  13. Go Shopping together
  14. Organize a meal out with someone for friends
  15. Go camping together
  16. Take a road trip together
  17. Have a staring contest
  18. Have a picnic together
  19. Schedule 10 minutes everyday to talk (with NO distractions)
  20. Be spontaneous and energetic
  21. Spend time researching great relationships
  22. Learn from relationship masters
  23. Read biographies of great relationship builders
  24. Buy and read books on relationships
  25. Put your relationship time BEFORE work, overtime or choresrelationships
  26. Buy and gift a simple gift that reminds you of that person
  27. Keep in touch with friends at least monthly even when living afar
  28. Actually phone in person your facebook friends
  29. Limit your online friends lists to those you want to be friends with
  30. Don’t make lame excuses for things, be honest
  31. Use encouraging positive words instead of negative or critical responses
  32. Learn some cellphone etiquette and shut your phone off once in a while
  33. NEVER be negative or critical in an email – its too dangerous and easily misinterpreted
  34. Be a “yes” type of person when doing things for others
  35. Learn to say “no” to keep your priorities in check
  36. Teach someone how to do something
  37. Exercise together
  38. Make friendly competitions for achievement
  39. Support each other in your actions / challenges
  40. Take up a new hobby together to build a common interest
  41. Never eat alone
  42. Take and print photographs of activities together
  43. Ask for help when you need it
  44. Opening share your beliefs and values
  45. Stick to your beliefs and express why
  46. Know your moral principles and stick to themT
  47. Share your spiritual personality
  48. In challenging situations, ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”
  49. Learn behavioral models (like DISC) to communicate better
  50. Learn personality models (like Meyers-Briggs) to apply personality tips
  51. Be willing to have those necessary and crucial conversions
  52. Create your own bucket list, share it and do many of them together
  53. Improve your telephone skills
  54. Give a gift that is more than a purchased item
  55. Give genuine compliments on a regular basis
  56. Surprise someone with a kind act towards themrelationships and friends
  57. Have conversations where one of you actively listens and ONLY repeats what you heard in your own words
  58. Share your spiritual beliefs with each other
  59. Pray together
  60. Take up learning a new sport together
  61. Take responsibility for your own happiness in the relationship without burdening or expected the other person to do that for you
  62. Tell one another why and how they make you a better person
  63. Identify and compliment anything you see them improve
  64. Be gracious and quick to give an apology
  65. Forgive one another quickly and completely
  66. Stop complaining and start appreciating
  67. Laugh together
  68. Cry together
  69. Serve others
  70. Conquer a fear (like heights or fear of a certain animal) together
  71. Never participate in gossip
  72. Don’t share private relationship information that deserves to be kept private
  73. Be spontaneous with activities and have fun
  74. Never try to change someone else, change yourself instead
  75. Avoid blaming others
  76. Take time to think about your relationships in order to improve them
  77. Make relationships priority and make time to work on them
  78. Set some goals and work specifically on your relationships
  79. Expose your vulnerabilities
  80. Socialize with friends of friends
  81. Compromise to resolve disputes
  82. Be generous with expenses and money
  83. Live below your means so you can save money and prevent money stress in your relationships
  84. Be humble, not boastful
  85. Take a weekend retreat together
  86. Attend a relationships course
  87. Put your self in other people’s shoes to gain perspective
  88. Keep in touch often
  89. Value what you have in each relationship and be grateful for it in conversations
  90. Highlight and recognize every person’s specialty
  91. Avoid assumptions by voicing questions and paraphrasing
  92. Value your own time and don’t waste other’s time
  93. Use humor and don’t take things too seriously
  94. Building relationships takes time so be patient
  95. Change things up with variety and by getting out of your comfort zone
  96. Have empathy and express it
  97. Study and improve your body language
  98. Listen to music together
  99. Tell the truth (in a kind way) even if it might be hurtful
  100. Put the level of effort in, that you want to get out!

Do you have more to add?  Please add them as a comment for others to enjoy as well.

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