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I created Learn This to help others learn and improve their lives. I want to share my own ideas as well as to give back to others since I’ve learned so much that way myself. Learning things about life, career, leadership, and relationships are very important to me for home, business and the spiritual world. Most of those things I learned or started to learn from someone else and this site allows me to provide that same unique place that I can share, teach and give back again to others.

I’m a HUGE (and I really mean HUGE) proponent of self learning, continuous personal development and continuous learning throughout life. I know that learning stimulates your mind, keeps a person healthy and can add a lot of joy to one’s life by exploring areas of interest and keeping the brain continuously stimulated and strengthening its memory. My goal for this site is to deliver valuable articles that have some meaning to people and not just a bunch of useless or news related daily tidbits. I truly hope you enjoy and can learn from the articles here on Learn This .

About Mike King Mike King

As you may already know from some articles, I’m a mountain unicyclist ! Shocking, I know. I learned to ride when I was 11 years old and just got more and more into offroad riding over the years. I started a club to meet other unicyclists in Calgary called, “The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos ” and still regularly ride within the city and in the great Canadian Rockies. I’ve got many other sports interests, preferably including water. I love learning and am constantly consuming my time reading and learning about the things I have interest in.

By day, like most people in life, I too work for a living. I’m an electrical engineer working in Calgary, AB in the Oil and Gas industry for Advanced Measurements . We build mobile service control systems and information systems to manage data between the field and office. I’m the rig systems engineering manager and have been working there since 2000. I spend a lot of time honing my management skills and love working to improve performance of my teams. I’ve shifted more and more from technical work to people management and I truly enjoy it more! It’s a great service to others (and the company) when I can also make a lasting difference to people’s lives as a manager. That’s my goal at least, anyway.

By night, I’m a part time freelance 3D animation artist (operating Ethereal 3D ). I use Luxology‘s modo for most of my graphics work. All my other time goes towards all the other wonderful things in my life, my beautiful wife, friends and family, God, reading, hobbies, sports and pets.

I strive to lead a service oriented life which God has taught me to do by focusing my work and relationships on others. This type of service has provided me with closer friends, much more joy and a passion to live my life with meaning and purpose.

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