In order to submit a guest post to, please read this page completely and follow these criteria.

  • Must be a topic that is related to content at
  • I have the sole discretion for selection of guest posts, which must provide actionable steps or recommendations that my readers can learn from directly.
  • I will let you know if I do not find the article acceptable (often due to lack of depth in the content, too short of material, or nothing original or meaningful in the article, etc)
  • Please do not ask me to select or determine a topic for you, that is the whole point of a guest author, to provide their own content
  • I will not accept articles that are pitching products or certain businesses/websites.  I don’t mind mention of recommended resources but it cannot seem to be selling anything
  • Minimum of 1000 words with no maximum word limit
  • The post must be original and written exclusively for and cannot be republished again as you transfer the rights to use to
  • All guest authors must provide a brief 1-2 line bio with contact links or details on how people can reach you
  • Submitting authors agree to watch and add discussion comments on their post and stay involved with promoting it on social media
  • has the right to make minor edits and choice of images or edits for SEO changes, as well as comments about the author if relevant
  • Articles can be submitted as straight text in the form below or attached as a word, rtf or simple text document (attached to the form below).
  • I do not want any HTML formatting please in the articles
You can expect to hear back from me usually within one week regarding your post and it can take several weeks before getting an article published.  Please be patient for response as I do get quite a number of articles submitted for review.