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Enables you to track your workouts, get fit and have fun doing it all with body weight training!

Body weight training uses your own body weight to add resistance for building strength, burning fat, gaining balance and to improve your overall fitness and flexibility. This means you do not need any expensive training equipment and you can do your workouts pretty much anywhere you go not being bound to a gym or having the costs of your own equipment. A few simple pieces of equipment will help, but they are not needed.

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Bodymaster will help you train, and track results so you can improve your strength, cardio, skills, balance and flexibility. Each set of exercises is a progression to more difficult steps and you should progress through them slowly.

Bodymaster training is intended for anyone to use to learn and track their bodyweight training. It is an application to assist you, where you are still the one responsible to be accurate with your tracking and recording your exercises.

Exercise Results are tracked and recorded for every individual exercise so you can know how many sessions of that exercise you've done, the total count of each and your personal best for each exercise. Each exercise encourages you to stay at your personal best each time. This is so you can slowly improve and keep improving over time.

Progression is simply a series of simpler exercises that get more and more difficult as you get better at them. Each of the series of exercises are ordered from simplest to most difficult and so you should always start at the top and progress through them ONLY when you are capable of easily completing the easier moves and are doing it with good form and consistency.

BodyMaster can now run OFFLINE as well!

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Synchronize your data!All data for this app is stored in your browser's localstorage. Create a profile here to save your exercise history and records online so that you can easily synchronize your data online for any browser and track your workouts totals in different browsers and devices.

Note: Passwords are not send securely or encrypted, it is best to use a unique password you don't share with other systems.


BodyMaster! Ver 1.0

Creator/Developer: Mike King

Mike's career has been in developing and managing application teams as a software engineering manager and he has always been a fan of bodyweight training for the sports he's involved in and so bodyweight exercises were something he uses and tracks for his training in mountain unicyling, parkour, climbing and others. These sports are not generally competitive and athletes are competitive primarily against themselves!

Bodyweight trainers are common in these sports since they are self motivated to train whenever and wherever without having to push iron at a gym that is inconvenient and typically competetive, whether intentionally or not. This is what inspired Mike to learn and use bodyweight training, which is why he created this app.

Mike writes his own blog on personal development, leadership and career tips where you can read more from him at and he also runs a side business doing 3D animation and graphics called so he is no stranger to creative hard work.

All rights reserved - Copyright ©2015

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Minimal Equipment

While bodyweight training emphasizes using your own body weight for the majority of the movements, there are a few pieces of equipment that can really help extend your workouts, one you get to more advanced levels. These will expand your range of movements and make the training a lot more fun. Here are a few that will help and some ideas to build your own!

Gymnastic Rings

I consider this to be the ultimate bodyweight equipment as it provides so much capability in one piece of equipment. It provides lots of methods for pullups, muscle ups, pushups, flys, supermans, and so much more. Everything upperbody can be developed on gymnastic rings.

You can purchase quality gymnastic rings online or you can easily build some by bending pvc and hanging them with ropes.

Pullup Bar

If you have gymnastic rings, you may not need a pullup bar, but a bar is great for specific types of pullups that are hard to do when you hands move on rings so much.

You can easily make your own pullup bar with a thick dowel or strong pipe and hang it from your ceiling or under your stairs.


A set of barbells is great to make many of these exercises weighted exercises. They add resistence and intensity to many of the workouts.

You can easily make your own weights by using fill water bottles, or something heavier like a water filled washer fluid, oil jug or laundry detergent, since these all have great handles. You can amke them heavier by filling them with sand instead of water.

Medicine Ball

This can be used to add weight for many different exercises and one heavy medicine ball will add significantly to your range of workouts for strength.

You can easily build your own medicine ball with a sandbag, couple garbage bags to wrap and seal it, and a roll of duck tape. You can also cut a slit into a basketball and fill it with sand. Reseal it with rubber cement to whatever filled weight you need.

Stretch Bands

Added resistance or assisstance can be done with stretch bands so small set is ideal to extend your bodyweight training routines.

If you have access to excess surgical tubing, it works ideally for stretch bands, just double up when you need more strength.

Parallette Bars

Parallettes are excellent for balance training, pushups, abdominal workouts and wrist strength.

You can buy these or build them easily by using a 2inch dowel between two 4x4 or 4x6s. Either just knock out the top of the 4x4 and lay the dowel across in the knoch so it can never roll or slip out. Make the dowel a foot or two long, one for each hand. Glue and screw the bars (predrill them so they don't split) into the blocks and they are done.

Balance and Wobble Boards

Balance boards work for side to side motion and wobble boards work in 2 dimensions since it is a board with a ball under it essentially. They are great for working your balance and developing a lot of core stabilizer muscles.

Build your own balance board easily with a board across a smooth log, PVC or resting over a parallette bar. I've seen people use a drink bottle filled 100% with water, capped and wrapped in duck tape for traction. To make your own wobble board, it is easiest to cut a circle board out and then cut a 4x4 block down to make a half sphere out of it by cutting and sanding smooth with some heavy grit sandpaper. Screw and glue it centered under your wobble board to secure it.

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