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Do you have relationships you want to strengthen?

We all strive for relationships to be improved somewhere in our lives and that is what this eBook is for.  It’s a guide to explore how you can begin to build better relationships today and get much more out of them in your life.  Relationships are the single most important things that impact our lives and affect our health, mindset and happiness.  This book explores the different aspects of relationships and how you can quickly and easily put specific actions and behaviors into place to break old negative relationship habits, and to form new healthier, stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Relationships Are Not Easy by Trial and Error!

As most people have or will learn, relationships are not easy to master and they have so many dynamics and components to them they take years to learn much from and even longer to practice making them the best they can be. Marriage statistics, relationship turmoil, pain and suffering are each evidence of how difficult relationships are.  Most people dive into them, experience them and learn about them by trial and error.  This is not the best way to experience or foster good relationships as it is painful along the way and incredibly risky.  The good thing, is you don’t have to do it that way…

This eBook Makes Relationships Easier!

Relationships have a number of critical areas that have the biggest impact on their success. They is also a massive amount of content written about and published about relationships and some of it is hard to find and difficult to sift through to find the best usable advice.  What I have done is literally spent hundreds of hours studying from experts, reading books, taking courses and writing about and researching how to make relationships work better and this ebook is the result.  It is a compilation of everything I have learned and experienced and can now recommend about building better relationships.  This book gives you that knowledge and ideas required to foster stronger relationships in your life and to enjoy them now without having to learn it through your own trial and error experiences.

Building Better Relationships comes with three specific methods to learn from.

  1. The eBook itself to read ( it is 38 pages with over 13000 words)
  2. Not everyone learns or enjoys reading.  Some of us are audible learners or have more time available to listen than to read.  That is why there is also a full MP3 audio recording of the audio book read by the author, Mike King!  You will gain access to download the mp3 audio with the PDF upon purchase.
  3. The best way to change habits and to make improvements is to actually take action!  That is why this book includes a 3 page workbook to help you assess your relationships and ensure that you reflect and plan specific actions to make the most of your relationships.

Take advantage of hundred’s of hours of research,
study, courses and writing that have gone into this eBook!

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PDF, Workbook and MP3 Audio

This ebook covers 6 major areas of relationships and specifically the things to understand, reflect on and implement to significantly improve your relationships in your life. The attached workbook includes a set of questions to help you apply the concepts into your own life and take that critical step of action towards making your relationships everything they can be. Start today, order your copy now!

A sample of the sections available are:

  • Evaluate the Basic Human Needs
  • Put Yourself in Their Shoes
  • Create a Relational Legacy
  • Value of Acceptance
  • Pour Your Heart Into It


Armen of TimelessInformation.com says, “What Mike does in ‘Building Better Relationships’ is provide you with the knowledge and mindset you can use to succeed in all the types of relationships you are in. This eBook includes important sections that enlighten you as to why serving others is very valuable, and why being genuine has such an impact. Build better relationships today for a more fulfilling tomorrow.”
-See Armen’s review of Building Better Relationships

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