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Imaginative Mind

This ebook covers the topic of the mind’s imaginative nature. Three angles are covered: Mental Creativity, Social Creativity and Innovation.
Info: 9 pages

Daphne @ Joyful Days
I love this post. Many people advise us to think big but you’re the first I’ve read who says think big AND noble. That is so important, I think, to think big for the greater good and not just for ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration!
Bunny @ BunnyGotBlog
This is an excellent article, Mike. One should always display honor and nobility- the effects are positive by doing so.
Thanks for your great article. Your words already an inspiration to me.
Thomas @ Art Mirror
While reading your post I just burn with joy. Thank you for the wonderful post.


This ebook covers the topic of inspiration, what it takes to find inspiration inspire others.
Info: 13 pages

Karen @ Building a Positive Life
What enlightening observations about the mind and thinking. Thank you!
Positively Present
Creativity really improves the quality of life. I love this post and I especially love the idea of exploring as many possibilities as you can. We often limit ourselves creatively and that almost always hinders our abilities to live truly interesting and exciting lives.
Dragos @ eDragonu
I certainly enjoyed this post, especially the practical guide on how to enhance social creativity.
I certainly enjoyed this post, especially the practical guide on how to enhance social creativity.
Jonathan @ Advanced Life Skills
This is one of my favorite topics and I love creative innovation on all it’s levels. Thanks for all three articles.

Leadership Series

This ebook covers the topic of leadership, what makes up a leader and how to be an effective leader.
Info: 23 pages

HIB @ Happiness is Better
I think you did a great job in defining the many qualities of leadership.
Phil Gerbyshak @
Excellent series Mike! I am learning a lot from you and look forward to diving in deeper to really uncover this for myself.
Dragos Roua @ eDragonu
I really like this series of posts. What I’m really impressed with is the fact that you manage to write a lot of content into a significantly lesser space than a lot of other bloggers. Although shorts, those posts are complete.
John Rocheleau @ Zen-Moments
Your thoughts on leadership and management cut to the heart of it. I hope that this article finds its way to those junior and middle management people that have been promoted into a leadership position without guidance or proper mentoring.
Jay @ InnerNoodle
This is a great resource for people who may have been under poor leadership in the past- so much so that they are unaware of how a true leader acts.
Lance @ JungleOfLife
This series really is turning out to be a great one, filled with lots of practical information.
Pushhyarag @ EvolveEver
Your series really scores as a handbook for practicing leaders.

You have reason to celebrate conclusion of a wonderful series.
Maria M @ Conversations with Moms
I truly enjoyed your Leadership series. I found it fitting that you ended it with Humility. Being Humble is truly a very important quality in Leadership. Not everyone understands the importance of being humble. It allows you to be open to grow and learn.
CG Walters @ Into The Mist
You consistently provide excellent, wise work, Mike. Thank you!
Start Blogging @ Start Blogging
I would like to thank you for posting the entire leadership series. I am sure people have and will continue to learn what it takes to become a successful leader. Keep up the good work and more power to you.
A Friend @ Literal Thinking
This was a great series. This last installment especially demonstrates the strong passion you feel for the subject matter.
Ross @ Will It Change You
Congratulations on really quite an amazing series on leadership! You’ve really gone above and beyond with your level of knowledge, insight and attention to detail.
I’ve bookmarked your series and have referred back to it a few times – I’m sure I’ll continue to do so when I need some tips and need to be inspired!
Alik @ Practice This
These are incredible series on leadership!
I encourage you to wrap it as an ebook – let viral marketing angel spread his wings and get it to the masses ;)!

Maximum Productivity Series

This ebook goes into detail on several key areas of productivity and looks at how to learn and use those traits to maximize your own productive time in your life!
Info: 18 pages

Ross at
Hi Mike, congratulations and well done on a great series! … I’ve bookmarked this series and will continue to come back and re-read it, there’s a lot of great material that you’ve covered here.
Rahul at
Thanks for the wonderful series. I will definitely come back to it and read it over and over again.
Armen at Timeless Information
The thoroughness of this series could only be provided by an individual with a collection of experiential knowledge of each of the aspects, the organizational ability to present them in a logically progressive way, and the focus to follow-through and develop with the numerous audience-members of the Maximum Productivity presentation.
Lance at The Jungle of Life
It’s great to be here Mike! This has been an awesome series!!
Stephen at Balanced Existence
You have produced a great series that I’ve enjoyed reading. Very solid and you’ve gone deep into a single subject which sets you and your website apart from the 108 ways to trip over crowd.

Better Communication Series

Communication takes great practice and know how, this series will help you be a better communicator.
Info: 11 pages

Mitch Byers at
Mike, Thank you for your excellent article. As an occasional speaker to job transition career groups, I am always looking for tips and insights for improvement and I found one! Your discussion of avoiding “but” is something I will immediately embrace.
Daniel at
Nice! Humble listening is to genuinely listen to what a speaker has to say, give him/her ample time, and take in the points that they are expressing while understanding their point of view. I see a fantastic series coming up soon there dude!

Being Humble Series

Humility is quite a rare and powerful virtue, this series look at the benefits of it and how to be more humble in your life.
Info: 8 pages

You are the first person who has explained in detail, although not to much detail that it becomes overwhelming, practical and helpful advice on how to improve ones human qualities. Thank you very much Mike. Your approach is one of gentle kindness and I appreciate finding your article today.
JJ Loch
This post is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful soul you are.

Goal Setting Series

Goal setting is a key practice of achievement and success and this guide will help you realize, set, follow through and ultimately complete your important goals.
Info: 10 pages

Passion Series

The power of passion can change a heart, life and your relationship in work and with friends and family.
Info: 7 pages