Category: Books
Genre: Business & Investing
Author: Jim Collins

Excellent book about business success. What makes a company great and how to create a great company.

Here is my full review:
I’ve read G2G about 6 months ago and I personally really enjoyed it. It was one of the first business oriented books I’ve read and Jim Collins does an excellent job of homing in on what has historically been involved in turning a company from good to great. He basis everything not on common sense like some other authors but real statistics for thorough research on companies that have had sustained market performance for at least 15 years after some measurable transition point.

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His outline of leadership levels and many of the justified reasons he has from the research are REALLY common in the workplace but seem to have a little more emphasis with some real numbers attached from the studies (OK, I’m an analytical person so that helps me!). Being in a high growth company myself, a lot of points were easy to correlate to my workplace and understand why or how it could be turned from good to great. Now, doing this is a different story!!

Its an easy read and quite interesting. The only bad thing I have to say about the book is that some chapters were very heavy on the stats and fairly repetitive but I’d definitely recommend it.

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