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Category: Books
: Business & Investing
: Thomas L Friedman

This was a highly recommended book with rave reviews. It is a book about the world and how the world in different times and cultures represents itself. It is about how the business world works in today’s world where communication and borders have been removed thanks to technology and capability of the world’s people. This is why the world is flat.

Anyway, it is a good book, very heavily weighted on the business growth in America and India and those relations. Its topics include a long section on how the world became as flat as it is today (in the communication sense) which if you know a lot about the history of computers and internet, it was a rather boring set of chapters (nearly half the book), which is why I gave it a low rating from my perspective.

The second half discusses mostly how business is changing and will have to continue to change in order to survive in our changing world. This is most interesting even though the majority of the information discussed is fairly obvious to a knowledgeable business person. Lots of things that seem like common sense, and not a lot of specifics around actions to take and business guidance to utilize the concept of a flat world. So, the book is very informative, but doesn’t really give you much that’s really useful.

Overall, a good book, depending on how business and technology oriented you are, you may not get a lot out of this.

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