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Categogrow your own leadersry: Books
Genre: Business & Investing
Author: William C. Byham, Audrey B. Smith, and M

This is very good book that is specifically targeted for large corporations. It is focused on how to identify and developer leaders from within an organization and it specifically looks at how acceleration pools can be used to facilitate this. I read it hoping to gain incite in different approaches to develop team members and it does provide a lot of concrete approaches for doing this, unfortunately, many of them would only apply in a large corporation. The concepts and items outlined for looking for and developing hold true in any company, the approach to practice them and give room for internal growth however is not something that can easily be achieved in a small company. It is an interesting read but many chapters seem to be somewhat repetitive and go into great detail on specific approaches. It is very easy however, to scan through and focus on the areas that might actually be applicable in your company. There are more than enough ideas and things to focus on that would provide any leader with a great variety of ways to develop more people in any size of organization.

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