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Category: Books
Genre: Business & Investing
Author: David H. Maister

Wow. What a great book. Maister hits home on every issue you can think of related to managing a professional service firm. Not only does he outline the many problems that typically plague service firms, but he contrasts how to change and the steps to take and the results it will achieve. He is very clear that there is no magic solution and that the problem solutions for each firm will be different and require a LOT of hard work. He does recommend a lot of methods and examples of how to improve every aspect of the business with clear steps and recommended practices. The book helps to resolve problems in professional service firms and even more important, it first helps to identify and articulate these problems.

I was amazed how much evidence from my own experience was discussed in the book. There is a lot of great information to apply, which is an excellent management resource for anyone in any professional service firm, regardless of the industry.

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