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Category: Books
Genre: Health, Mind & Body
Author: Stephen Laberge

Great intro book that gives you the basics of what is and why one might want to lucid dream (for those who don’t already know). Its a good cheap book with a CD-ROM for listening exersizes. Good book, Laberge is an expert on subject and writes things clearly for anyone. This book has helped learn the techniques needed to get into lucid dreams and so I highly recommend it if you’re interested as well.

Some of the techniques and stages are described in great detail with practice steps and guidelines to become able to lucid dream. These including memory training with dream journaling, dream review for re-dreaming, dream signs, dream consciousness and recognizing dreams, holding lucid dreams active. Its a short easy read and if of interest, you might want to also read a more detailed (yet considered introductory) study of dreaming by Hobson, which includes many areas about lucid dreams as well but covers more of the science of dreaming.

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