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Category : Books
Genre : Health, Mind & Body
Author : Rhonda Byrne

Well, the book and the secret is more of a collection of many other concepts and ideologies with little explanation and little depth in any of them. Everything in this has been written by someone else and many times over, yet Byrne makes no references to any previous authors or work and claims this is a new found secret.  Its NOT.  I and many others have known “The Secret” for a long time before reading this book (from other teachers and authors) and while I do believe every bit in how powerful our thoughts are, I also know there is more to it than this. First, the whole thought aspect, is true to everyone for state of mind and what that does in a person’s life. Yes, it affects MANY things. However, there are a few more things in this Universe involved than each individual’s thoughts, such as:
1. Taking action, practice and work to get what you are thinking about. The whole point of thinking and focusing and attracting what you want, takes some amount of work, its not just thinking. Get real. The thoughts will lead to action, the action leads to results. And its the results that count. Yoda even expressed this in his way in Star Wars.
2. Others play in this universe so each individual’s thoughts are not the only thing affecting what is attracted like Byrne clearly accuses people of in the book. Circumstances are not just an accumulation of thoughts of many, its a dynamic social world, not just thoughts. Sorry Byrne, little too simplified there.

Anyway, if this is all new to you, its a great read and worth thinking about, because it can help you improve your outlook in life. It takes practice and work though, in addition to your thoughts to guide you. The content of the book is good with only a few debatable areas to me and I’d certainly recommend that you read more on the scientific aspects of state of mind (thoughts) and what that does to the body and mind. Its huge!

I’d recommend you don’t bother with this and jump back to a much better source for discovery of the secret such as the classic book Think and Grow Rich instead.  It’s far better written, more intriguing and not just a long commercial promoted by big names.

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