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Category: Books
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Aldous Huxley

Was recommended to me to read as a wonderful classic. Can’t say the same from my experience. Its a good book and makes you think a bit about life in today’s work, but nothing really memorable. Just a bunch of delirious drugged out future social zombies with just a few realizing there is more to life than the norm. Wow, what a concept. Anyone who doesn’t see this, will get nothing from the book and those who do, already know it so will gain nothing from the book. It may open a few people’s eyes a little but I can’t see it having much impact.

Edit: I’ve updated my rating on this as I seem to have been remembering things from this book a bit more than I ever thought I would after first writing this review. I still don’t think its a paradigm shift or anything in my thinking, but I realize it has re-enforced even further what I already strongly believed in, so this has made it a little more significant to me now.

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