I have quite a few great books I’ve reviewed here and its not because I simply get lucky and mostly find 4 or 5 star books. I do some research before I get a book. There is always other people who have already read any book so you might as well use their ratings and comments to determine if you really want to take the time to read it. There is no reason to read a book at random and have no idea if it will be worthwhile or not.

So, I recommend that you never start at the library or bookstore to find a book. Look up the books you want and keep a list before you ever go to the library or bookstore. Its far easier to lookup books online to review ratings and other reader’s comments beforehand that in the store. Unless you read hundreds of books a year and have time to read books you DON’T like in order to find the ones you love, you need a good method to find the books to read. There are thousands of books available and unfortunately a lot of bad books to avoid. If you strictly limit your books to ones that have maximum ratings or are recommended to you personally then you will likely enjoy reading more. I believe this is why a lot of people simply don’t read and instead get frustrated that the books they do read are not worth the time.

There are so many great book resource sites out there including the big stores like Amazon, Chapters and B&N, as well as book clubs and review sites like Google Books and Library Thing. These sites offer excellent search tools to find what you are looking for, related books and of course, ratings and reviews about nearly any book written. If you simply only read books with great ratings and reviews, you will find you get a lot more knowledge and enjoyment out of your time spent. I know that personally all the top rated books on my list were also highly recommended and only a few are ones that are highly recommended but I didn’t really enjoy. So, I’ll continue to review books I read as I hope they are useful to some of my readers, as I know most of the books on my list are there only because I’ve read other’s reviews of them as well and its a pleasure to give that similar knowledge back!

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