There is one thing that most people neglect and have some regrets about near their time of death, and that’s not living their ‘dash’ to its fullest! The dash on their tombstone that is, meaning the life between your birth and death. Everyone’s lives here on earth end, unexpectedly or not, and the time to do the things you really want to do are now, not someday! You don’t know how long your life will really be and its easy to get stuck in normal daily activities consuming every waking minute of your life. It quickly passes by without realizing that you’re not doing the things you truly want to do before you die.

This has been brought to my attention from two superb leadership breakthrough courses from Rapport Leadership International I attended earlier this year and again now, as my church has just started a series called My Dash today which also focuses on the life you lead and what you really want to do with it. The Rapport course made me think much more about my relationships and also some of the material dreams I’ve had to do before I die. It also triggered me to look deeper spiritually where I’ve come to the realization that God is calling me to do more in my life and even though the course was more focused on business, it was an important event for me spiritually as I really started to reflect more on my spiritual life.

So now, this My Dash series at Oak Park Church is taking this to a much deeper level and focused strictly on the Christian life and what that really means to me in living a life for Jesus. I’m looking forward to Steve’s messages at the church as well as the study sessions I’m involved in with a small group. There are daily messages and weekly mp3 teachings available online which you can listen to if you have any desire to get the most of your short life and make a difference in this world as well!

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