Freelance 3D artists often struggle with frustration in seeing how quickly other artists seem to progress with their 3D skills. I am no stranger to that and its really from simply not spending that much time in 3D myself to progress as quickly. I’m a freelance graphic artist on the side from a full time engineering job which certainly takes away from the speed I “could” be honing my 3D skills.

So, even though this can be frustrating, seeing some of these artists’ work is also very inspiring! There is really always others out there (and easy to find online) who have amazing talents in areas of interest that people can look up to and learn from. Sure, maybe you simply admire their work and respect there talents, but there is also some benefits in copying what they do. Now, I’m not saying anything like copying “copyright” material or original work, but I am saying to copy what and how they do things. Strive to deliver the same level of excellence and practice increasing your own quality work.

One example of how I do this is by regularly browsing the forums for my favorite 3D app, modo, where I see some amazing talent develop and I love to watch the progress of some of the artists. Khalid Muharraqi is one of those artist. There is a new interview online about Khalid at CGSociety, as well as an older one directly on modo’s site along with a number of other great 3D artists brief profiles. His work is truely amazing and it continues to spark that inspiration for me to improve my own 3D skills. I others can also see that from Khalid or use this post to trigger them to look for there own inspiration that better matches your specific 3D style or interest.

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