OK, I’m not sure why, but most people have VERY bad telephone skills. This goes much deeper than skills on the phone itself, and more to do with how and when people USE the phone. The problem with phones, and it goes for hard lines, cell phones and even VOIP or computer based phones (extending even to instant messaging) is that people act like slaves to the device. These devices ring and suddenly, life stops, from nearly anything! People answer and use their phones while eating, sleeping, driving, working, talking, and pretty much anything else (including while going to the bathroom or having a shower/bath). A phone is suppose to be convenient for the operator, not the person at the other end. Seriously, have you ever heard of voice mail!

So, I let my phone ring. If I’m already focused doing something (which is 80% of the time) then the phone can ring and I won’t let it interrupt me. This includes eating, watching TV, reading, and especially while having a conversation with someone else! This is why I think that call waiting is horrible! So, all I can suggest is to make a habit of keeping your focus when your phone rings, and simply let it ring, especially if you’re talking to someone already face to face. Ensuring that that person is your most important subject during a conversation (and not your phone) will make them feel great and make you a much more effective communicator!

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