Those who know me know I don’t like to sleep. I definitely sleep less than the average number of hours most people get and want. I used to need about 8 hours of sleep when I started University and I was determined to find out how to reduce that if even possible. Well, I know its possible and I’ve managed to reduce and maintain a sleep pattern of only 5-6 hours every night for almost 10 years now with ONLY positive effects. If that doesn’t interest you, then on to the next post please. If it does, I hope I can inspire you with some information to help you reduce the amount you sleep as well.

So, unfortunately there is a LOT of bad sleep studies done and still very little scientific understanding about sleep. Sleep has really only become an interest in science in the last 50 some years and was never studied prior to that. And even today, people really don’t know much about sleeping. What I find funny about that is that most people work for about 50 years of their lives. But only about 25% of each week is actually working so that is really only a total of about 12.5 years of their entire life. Sleeping on the other hand is about 1/3 of EVERY SINGLE day which for an average life of only 75 yrs, that is still 25 years spent sleeping. Now the kicker. People go to school to become educated for 12-20 years (maybe only 25% of that is actually education) so call it about 4 years of education time.

Why are people SO willing to learn for 4 years of life to prepare only for 12.5 years that they will actually work. While most people spend ZERO time learning and studying sleep which occupies a far larger portion of their life (twice as much time in fact). If you would get better at sleeping and know more about getting a better sleep, it is far more productive than any education or work since it will affect every single day of your life!

What does all this mean for you? Well, all I can really do is encourage you to learn more about good sleep patterns, and how to have a better sleep. Learn about the different sleep cycles so you can time your life and activities around a good sleep habit to ensure you get the best sleep possible. This will save you time since a better sleep and more effective sleep, means less time trying to get to sleep, less time worrying about sleep and generally a healthier body and a more rested state of mind, which does a lot of other great things for your health as well. There are many more advanced topics about sleeping to explore beyond the basics, such as the various brain cycles and chemical states of sleep and dreaming. Sleep science expands into chemical and neural understanding of the brain and how it functions during sleep (and in REM sleep) as well as nearly infinite topics on dreams, meaning and function of dreams, lucid dreaming and the whole memory aspect of the brain since it relates so closely to dreaming. There is much to explore, and much to benefit from.

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