I finally did my first ocean scuba dive while in Mexico at the beginning of November and it was awesome! Unfortunately, the pictures at 55ft from a my digital camera don’t do it justice. Its so much more colorful and beautiful than these pictures show. You really need some great lights and red filters on your camera for good underwater pictures. Anyway, the experience was so peaceful and enjoyable, and I can’t wait to do it again!!

Click on any of the images to see a large version…

img_36105-75x100.JPG img_36137.JPG img_36143.JPG img_36142-133x100.JPG img_36144-133x100.JPG img_36151-133x100.JPG img_36172-133x100.JPG img_36174-133x100.JPG img_36181.JPG img_36208-133x100.JPG img_36226-133x100.JPG img_36245-133x100.JPG img_36249-133x100.JPG img_36297-133x100.JPG

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