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Author : Lee Strobel

This is the first book I’ve read by Strobel, but it won’t be my last. Here, he examines 13 of God’s outrageous claims and explains why they are believable and how they are supported and what they mean in a person’s life. He explores both the aspects for believers as well as for those seeking and not yet believing. Living in the modern world has people suffering from complacency, where the constrast is living an outrageous life for Jesus that can bring excitement, meaning, and purpose to anyone’s life!

Strobel delivers compelling evidence and personal stories about each of the outrageous claims he covers. They are very revealing and honestly told stories which really reinforce the struggle but emphasize why the claims are so believable and how they can affect one’s life.

The claims themselves covered are:

#1: There’s Freedom in Forgiving Your Enemies
#2: You Can Even Learn to Forgive Yourself
#3: You Can Survive the Rat Race Without Becoming a Rat
#4: You Can Make a Difference That Will Last for Eternity
#5: God Can Give You Power as Power Is Needed
#6: You Gain When You Give Yourself Away
#7: A Dose of Doubt May Strengthen Your Faith
#8: God Has a Cure for Your Secret Loneliness
#9: God’s Rules on Sex Can Liberate Us
#10: Random Acts of Kindness Aren’t Enough
#11: Heaven Is More Than Wishful Thinking
#12: Jesus Is the Only Path to God
#13: Playing It Safe Is the Most Dangerous Way to Live

Personally, I enjoyed how the struggle with some of these questions is explored and it reinforces throughout the book that these questions are normal and faith building. They bring you beyond the standard answer of “because the bible says so, that’s why” and looks at truths within the context of Jesus’ life, his actions and how that can be applied in a life on earth today. Strobel gives practical insight on each claim and guidance to overcome many of the habits holding us back in our relationships, spirituality and faith. Its a well written, enjoyable and spiritually challenging book that will teach and inspire at various levels anyone who reads it.

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