<img src=”http://LearnThis.ca/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/relationships.JPG” alt=”relationships.JPG” align=”right” />I have to say that after spending a few days down in Texas with some generally “rough” (in my eyes) oil and gas work crews, I must say it certainly makes me appreciate the relationships I do have with my wife, family, friends, church and co-workers a whole lot more. Its a very different environment where people come and go quickly and base most of their work on ‘looking out for themselves’, instead of caring or ever helping each other out.

I’m much more used to being around caring people who respect each other, care for each other’s feelings and generally are very helpful and thoughtful towards each other. Its easy to become accustomed to these great things and loose the appreciation for them until they seem to disappear (even if for a short time). Its made me realize how important and wonderful these things that occur everyday really are and how we often neglect them and forget how lucky we are. I think its important to recognize and show some appreciation for those relationships so this is just my reminder to you so that you might think about those people without having to first get into a situation where the great relationship traits are lacking before you realize it.

Here’s to my wife for unquestionable love, family for support, friends for caring and sharing, church for inspiration and joy, colleagues for honest and true teamwork, and especially to Jesus, for grace and forgiveness in every moment and situation I’ve EVER been in. Thank you.

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