Well, there was a fair bit of snow last night leaving a couple inches on the roads and whenever it snows a lot I am probably one of the very few people who actually LIKE getting to work.  Why you ask?  Because I’m am an offroad unicyclist and I love to ride in the snow, especially when driving would be slow, risky and just not much fun.  Its also warmed up today for the first day in a few weeks where its actually just up to the freezing mark.

So, today I hopped on the unicycle before work and enjoyed a nice relaxing (but still quite cold) ride into the office.  It takes me about 25 minutes to commute nearly 5 km.  Its great exersize and more fun in the snow than just a normal bike trail ride in. I just throw on the ipod and listen to a book or some music and try to avoid being seen too much by the traffic as I really don’t like to attract any attention on my ride in.  Now, that seems like a bit of a oxymoron for a unicyclist but since I normally only ride offroad in the mountains where there are VERY few people, I think I can still honestly make that claim.

However, I was unable to avoid the attraction from motorists today as someone felt the need to call into a morning radio show (the EyeOpener on CBC) and warn people to watch out for the unicyclist on there way to work.  I’m really not sure why I would be any kind of threat, its not like I was riding down the middle of the freeway!  I keep to myself off the sides of the road and take as many back streets as possible.  They warned not to be distracted by the unicyclist.  I and my colleague who heard this on the radio, got quite a kick out of this and thought it was a funny story.  So, there you go.

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