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Author : C. S. Lewis

Even though this was written over 50 years ago, its still entirely true and Lewis delivers just a brilliantly simple and clear outline of what Christianity is all about and how it impacts our lives. He doesn’t quote a bunch of scripture, preach about his own interpretation or opinions and he doesn’t try to sell you on Christianity in this book. He simply writes a clear and convincing set of facts, stories and truths that are essential to learning the essential principles behind the Christian faith.

He delves into an area of exploration on the concept of morality and how God is the center of that moral body of knowledge in every human being, regardless of our perception of right or wrong. This steers every choice that’s made and is the backbone of where mankind finds an obligation to oblige (to varying degrees) this moral derivative in our lives. This concept of morality streams through several chapters leading into Lewis’ explanations about the serious impact to our lives and how Christianity shows such relevance with these moral issues.

He explores how God is a personal God and how the human concepts of time and space do not apply to God and what that means in recognizing obedience to God and acceptance in faith. He describes these difficult and touchy subjects amazingly well and the entire book as a challenging, yet easy to read introduction and explanation of many areas of Christianity. Its a timeless book and I look forward to reading many more of Lewis’ books (as this was my first one)!

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