<img src=”http://LearnThis.ca/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/923537_new_year_image_2.jpg” alt=”923537_new_year_image_2.jpg” align=”left” />I find it amusing that every year, billions of people set themselves a couple of New Year’s Resolutions in the hopes that they will change something significant in their lives and enjoy the coming year more than the last. Most of those resolutions are long forgotten even half way through the year and many never even had a single action put towards it. Ignored since the day it was made!

So, my challenge is this, don’t make any resolutions for 2008 that are likely to go nowhere. Don’t make those empty yet hopeful promises to yourself of endless amounts of exercise and perfectly controlled eating habits. Don’t worry so much about that job or money or item you’re after, they really don’t matter anyway. Don’t pretend that a resolution or goal that isn’t written down and planned is going to happen, simply forget about it. When new years comes, simply take the night off and stay away from all that forward thinking. Revel in the moment and enjoy the time your spending with others.

New Years resolutions often just stirs up past memories of previous years’ failed resolutions, and what good is that? Why should you be disappointed by a goal not written down? You shouldn’t, because a goal not written down is nothing at all. So, since New Years resolutions are generally utter failures for most people anyway, don’t waste your time this year. Real goals are thought about with time, attention and continual measuring and adjusting them, not a one time event shared with a couple of people once a year.

So, this year when 2008 rolls into action, think about this challenge, don’t make any empty promises or wasted resolutions!

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