Passion - Express your passions

I’ve already introduced the topic of passion here and written about finding your own passion . This article now covers expressing your passion and the value in doing it. I believe there are two main reasons people don’t express themselves more, especially when it comes to their passions. Living with passion isn’t always easy and here are two reasons it isn’t often expressed.

  1. You don’t really have a passion or even know what it is.
  2. Fear of exposing a passion in fear of critique from others.

As for number #1, this is something that can be addressed and simply takes work. It requires some time and brutal self honesty to come to the belief based conclusions that reveal true passions. Finding out your passions is what I wrote about here.

#2, This is often the direct cause for not knowing your passion in #1. This fear is usually based on some life experience related to expressing your passion that caused pain and now its easier to ignore it and shield yourself than it is to risk that pain again and put your passion out on the line for others to see. Keep focused on the pleasures you’ll gain with living and expressing your passions, not the pain. It can also help to think of the pain it might cause you if you don’t express them.

The Importance of Passion

What would your workplace and home environment look like if each and every person looked at every event, every hour to make the most of it. What if you took action every single day on something you truly loved and were able to share that comfortably with others. What if everyone lived for the moment and spent life enjoying it and encouraging each other’s passions, instead of judging and tearing them down. Think of a world where you can share your feelings and beliefs without fear of criticism.

God has given us the gift of feelings, emotions and free will. Making the most of those and collaboratively understanding each others desires, beliefs and passions can only be learned and experienced through the expression of them. Society and business continues to pound us into a boxed in robotic like non-individual existence where we are trained to suppress our tears of joy and sadness, hide our fears, shield our excitement, and muster our love and convictions from the rest of the world. Technology drives us to be connected more and more at a superficial level while ignoring the feelings and passion we each have inside us.

Expressing Passion

One of the easiest ways to express your passion is to tell your close friends and family about it. Get comfortable with it. Accept the vulnerabilities it reveals and share those fears as part of the reason you have your passion. Don’t let your past fears and worries continue to affect you today. Learn from them, recycle the pain and make it useful in your life now. Your pain and experiences can be a lesson to others and will inspire you to continue forward. Spread that circle of sharing even further, tell your friends, your colleagues, even strangers about your passions. This will open many new doors for relationships and connections with others. Building that foundation of trust and getting over any fears of expression will be in itself, a wonderful experience.

Take on and get involved with activities and events that relate to your passion. These might be relational, hobbies, music, writing or any other past times. Focus some of your time you spend every week on the very things that you have passion for. Continue to expand those areas in your life. Identify the bad habits and time wasted in your life and replace them with these passion based activities.

Find other people with similar passions as you and spend time together. You can really feed off each other with enthusiasm and encouragement to continue to develop your life around your passions. Offer help to others in finding their passions, and allow each individual to find their own passions. Accept the beliefs of others and ensure you are not blocking anyone else from finding their passions.

What Does Passion Do?

Passion makes us unique, it shapes our character, exposes our purpose in life and draws upon us questions about our souls and true beliefs. This opens up the heart and spirit to see each day and opportunity in a positive light, a light that inspires others to express and explore their passions. The power of passion guides us to what our hearts truely want, reveals to us the awesome experiences and feelings we all share and triggers us to understand our purpose and mission on earth. Embrace it, explore it, express it!

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