Well, it feels like I’m constantly playing catch up with the books on my list that I want to read and that list just got a whole lot longer. I’m a regular listener of the podcast, “The Cranky Middle Manager” and the latest episode #125 is a great discussion with Jack Covert about the best business books list of 2007 by 800 CEO I’ve only read a couple from this year’s list but many are already on my list to read for next year after hearing about them on this podcast or from other’s recommendations. Most of the books I’ve read are recommended books and books from previous years “best of” lists so you can view more of them here with a book review search.

There are a lot of great books in this list as well this year, each with a short description and obviously very high rankings so no need to hunt for reviews for individual titles at the bookstore or online. I absolutely love these types of recommended lists since there are books for just about everyone, which gives me a lot of knowledge as a manager to make an easy recommendation for any particular topic even if I haven’t read it myself, yet still trusting it will be a great book.

Just for quick reference, here were the top four books listed:

The Dream Manager

Matthew Kelly

The Last Tycoons

William D. Cohan

Made to Stick

Chip and Dan Heath

Strengths Finder 2.0

Tom Rath

I hope others will get as much value out of this list as I know I will next year!

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