Great leaders are courageous. It’s just that simple. It’s tough being a leader and a great leader is always one who is willing to step up and show the courage needed to pull through difficult times. They encourage everyone to continue moving forward even in times of despair. They are first to take blame and admit they were wrong when mistakes are made. They are quick to “take it” for the benefit of the organization and will continue moving forward regardless of how bad things might look. They often set the direction with no real navigation or knowledge of where things are going and are always ready and expecting to do whatever it takes to keep going when they get off track. Leadership requires taking a stand and living up to one’s beliefs with honesty and integrity. Its a thankless job as a great leader will always deflect any praise for success to the team and anyone else working with them and be modest in the part they played, regardless of the significance. If these attributes don’t scare you off, or perhaps even inspire or excite you just a little, then its quite likely you too, have the courage of leadership!

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