manageyourself.jpg A lot of people make up a world of reasons as to why they don’t have a career that they are happy with. It amazes me how often I hear excuses from people why they don’t have the perfect job and why they don’t have any control over their own jobs and career. This is just crazy! Everyone makes their own choices in life including those that build your career.

Stop Blaming Others

People love to push blame to others and this is so obvious with people when they talk about their careers. Have you ever heard some of these complaints?

  1. I didn’t get that promotion because my boss doesn’t like me.
  2. I don’t like my work, but hey, who does?
  3. Everyone but me seems to get the lucky opportunities.
  4. No one notices the good work I do, just the bad things, so I can’t get anywhere in my career.
  5. I don’t have the time to work extra and make a great impression.

These are just a few examples. All of these are pointing the finger, where one should be accepting responsibility.

You Control Your Career

Now, am I suggesting that you should simply love your work and be happy in your career? No. Work is still work and most people have other things in life they would rather be doing. You should enjoy your work however and my only point here is that you have a lot more control over enjoying your work than you might think. If you don’t like your job, find a better own. If you are missing out on opportunities, it’s probably because your actions or work are the cause of that, you need to make your own opportunities. And its not your bosses job to make sure you get that raise or new position, its yours. You need to take ownership and manage your own career. Make those tough decisions to change things when they aren’t how you want them to be. Know what you want and act on it. Set some career goals and take action everyday to work towards those goals and make the most of them .

Get connected with the people you want to work with and learn about the businesses and jobs you do want. Stop wasting time at work, analyze and prioritize your day to only spend time on the things that will make a difference to you and your career. Focus on your own growth and don’t expect someone else to do it for you. Find a mentor to share ideas with and learn from them to help advance your career. Help others in their own quest to have a more fulfilling career and discuss how to do this with your colleagues. All these things contribute towards you successfully managing your career and it will bring more joy to your daily life at work with a strong sense of control that will energize you forward!

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