The world we live in unfortunately runs by a continual and destructive competition to acquire, have and get the best and most of what this material world has to offer. Usually all those things are temporary and never truly add much meaning to one’s life. Unfortunately, those are the things that are usually on the gift list. Well, here are 10 gifts that you can give in life that are much more meaningful than the usual material gifts. Next time you need a gift to give, pick one from this list.


  1. Teach something to someone else.
  2. Coach someone else to accomplish more than they can on their own.
  3. Share your stuff with others instead of just giving more of the same.
  4. Be a caring listener for someone who needs you.
  5. Mentor someone to be of guidance and help.
  6. Tell stories to others.
  7. Give your time and service instead of material items.
  8. Encourage someone.
  9. Show love and caring to another person.
  10. Experience things, events or activities together.

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