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Author: Madelyn Burley-Allen

This book has a ton of great content and is a perfect how to guide book if you are willing to practice, change and learn better techniques in listening. The values of listening are explored from many roles, and the tools you acquire from this book help in many separate areas. This includes business relationships, selling to clients, customer feedback, friends and family relations, and in every way, simply understanding better what you hear.

Many tools and techniques are taught which include:

  • Focus and eliminating distractions
  • Picking up on key elements of what is said (words, expressions, etc)
  • Reading body language and controlling your own
  • Ask non-threatening questions to elicit useful information
  • Ways to get others to listen to you
  • Mastering a number of listening tools

Overall, the book is very practical in that it gets right to the point and has guides, exercises and specific things to do to improve your listening and your communication in general with other people. Its straight forward, easy to read and very useful to quickly improve your listening.

Note : I started out listening to this as I do with many books thinking that listening to a book about listening only makes sense. The problem is, the audio version of this book read by the author is probably the worst I have ever heard for an audio book. She mumbles, is incredibly monotonous, pauses at strange times, breathes heavy and flips pages very loud. The book is simply not written in a way that can be listened to easily. There are many tables and comparisons of good and bad approach to listening which doesn’t work well read, it needs to be seen. A professional reader should have recorded these so don’t waste your time on the audio version, its awful. Get it on paper. I’d only give the audio version a 1 out of 5. Its nearly useless.

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