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Author: David Vise

The Google Story is a great story and covers everything Google has done to be where they are today. Its covers a wide range of everything Google without getting into too much technical detail and at the same time, not focusing entirely on the business or financial side. If you are looking for only one or the other in great detail, you won’t find it here, this book covers everything. Its written by a journalist and he obviously had some insider access to develop the story and tell many things from the perspective of the founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The book demonstrates how consistent the founders have been to develop the search giant by building upon their vision of delivering a product focused on solving the problem of search, as globally as it gets. The attitudes and mantra of “Don’t Be Evil” is carried well through the book as well and evidence is seen in the many decisions made by Brin and Page to grow Google in a particular way.

While the story covers some of the problems that Google has faced and reasons why some people don’t like it, ultimately this book is a success story about Google. Come to think about it, it doesn’t really matter how you want to criticize Google, they are still extremely successful! So, don’t expect to read a bunch of insider info to help tear down or bash Google. They have done a lot of things right and also done a lot of things some people don’t like, every company has that. Now, I personally like Google very much and use it all the time, but I’m not a fan just to be a fan. The book was rather interesting as I’ve never looked into the full story of Google or kept up with all of its related news over the years and I certainly didn’t know half of the things in the book about the Google culture and how it became what it is today. I thought that was the most interesting and hopefully something that I can take a piece of and have more impact with in my own company.

So I think the book is well worth reading and many things can be learned from it about driving a company towards a vision with a unshakable attitude and mindset about HOW that can be done. If you’re a die hard Google fan and read every story published about them, you probably won’t learn that much, but if your interested and expect to learn great lessons about business, marketing and entrepreneurship, then the Google Story is well worth it!

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