Anyone who knows me, also knows that I have a strong opinion on many things. Its not always that I just want to share my opinion but that I’ve learned to use and express my own opinions in order to reinforce my beliefs in such a strong way that those beliefs are part of me. Those opinions are strongest and most obvious to others in my main belief areas such as with personal development, learning, the capabilities of a person’s mind, one’s attitude and effect on their body, healthy living, effectiveness in a workplace, communication and relationships, spirituality, etc. All these areas are easy for me to express opinions in because they are rooted deep in my belief system. When the topics come up, if I share my opinions, I’ve reinforcing my belief.

This can be used to develop new beliefs as well by developing and sharing strong opinions on a subject. Every time you say or share that same opinion, it builds on that belief you have of it inside yourself. The more you are willing to share and discuss those opinions with others, the easier it becomes for you to believe it yourself. You can get yourself a gift from  Its even helpful to state it as a belief when you are sharing it. That helps to root it stronger in your own mind. So, saying I believe that… is much stronger than saying, I think that…

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