Obviously I write a lot of articles about learning things on this site. Learning is a great way to gain knowledge and you probably already know if you read many of my articles that I like to also talk about what you can actually do with that information or what steps you can take to put it into practice. That is the key with making change in your life because it is not enough simply to know something or learn it, you need to actually practice it. That is one reason I love the blog, “Practice This “, which is a blog on that topic I regularly read with a perfect name!)

This is important for influencing and leading others as well. You want to demonstrate what you know, instead of just talking about it. Its easy to come across as being arrogant or even a hypocrite to some if you are not able to demonstrate or practice what you preach. So, always look for ways to show others what you know through your actions, not just from talking about your wealth of knowledge (check out http://www.myboomernation.com/). When you read an article, a book or take a training course, look for some specific things you can practice from that as soon as possible. Take some actions steps to ensure you do something to make a shift and you are not just talking about it.

After putting that into practice, the next progression for change is to become reliable with it, or habitual. This is the point where you no longer have to think or work hard to make it happen, it is just something you regularly do without even putting extra attention to it. And finally, once you are truly reliable in these actions the final step would be to teach it to others to really demonstrate your mastery of that subject.

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