Emotions are a wonderful human trait and they effect our lives every single day.  They guide our spirits, stem from thoughts and steer our behavior.  They are a component of each person that makes that person unique while at the same time, something to be shared!  Emotions have the force to change lives and can also destroy them.  They are intertwined into our beings and part of our actions, triggered by feelings with a visible (by any sense) reaction to others.

The reason I wanted to write about emotions is because its a massive area to learn about that has just as vast implications.

Emotions As Your Best Friend

Emotions have so many great things about them they are easy to relate to a best friend.  These are all the emotions that tend to make you feel better, the way a best friend might.

  • They are comfortable and enjoyable to have
  • They make you happy and generally lift your spirits
  • You want more of them or more time with them
  • They encourage you to be kind and nice to others

Emotions As Your Enemy

Emotions on the other hand are also like an enemy.  They negatively impact your life just as often.

  • They encourage you to attack or be mean to others
  • They cause fear and anger that hurts you and others
  • You don’t want them around and prefer to have less of them
  • They are uncomfortable, cause stress and worry in your life

The Power of Emotions

These lists are just tiny examples of all the things that emotions affect.  The power of them is huge and the first thing I want to do is put your attention to your emotions.  Emotions are on the middle ground between your thoughts and your actions or behaviors.  Its your thoughts that generate your feelings which are exposed as emotions and those lead to behaviors in response.  Take care of noting that as these emotions can serve as both your friend and foe so watch for it, observe your power of emotions and that of others and learn to see the impact.  There is much more to write on the power of emotions, I wanted to spark some thoughts and leave each of you to ponder it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and I hope to add more on this topic in future articles.

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