Its pretty tough to cover this section on a blog since its closer to talk than action however I will assure you that I do take actions on the content I produce here everyday so I do know something about the advantages of action over talk. I’ve become very aware recently of identifying where action speaks volumes to words. In so many ways, people talk about all their great ideas, plans to do things, ways to improve, goals, and advice which goes on constantly in workplaces, home and in relationships. The problem with all of this however, is that it isn’t turned into action often enough.

Simple Actions Often

Some simple actions are far more valuable than all the discussion around something and the actions are what will trigger a new experience to build more actions on. I’ve seen this heavily in my workplace lately where we have decided to start taking one step at a time as actions instead of constantly making big plans. Just a few actions instead of an elaborate plan has a noticeable, immediate and contagious impact to your own behaviors going forward and on those of others.

Starting early, whatever it is, has advantages and is an excellent way to demonstrate action. I’m sure everyone has heard the term, “lead by example” and it really applies here as well. Taking some action no matter how simple has a bigger impact than words because it can be demonstrated, copied and reinforced. Typically starting something is what triggers more discussion on a topic anyway as there is some real evidence that can be discussed.

So, look at that todo list you’ve had waiting, those someday goals, the big plans, the things you’ve always wanted to change, the last book you read, the feedback you’ve had from others and pick one simple action you can do to move towards achieving it.

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