Well, I haven’t listed a lot of other resources lately so it’s due time to bring up some of the great articles I’ve come across over the last couple months that fit well with the leadership and personal development topics I write about.  These are the ones I liked in particular.


Do You Have the Courage to Be an Extraordinary Leader? at Powerful Living

The Manager’s Handbook: 80+ Open Courseware Collections to Help You Be a Better Leader at JobProfiles

Agility Means Simple Things Done Well, Not Complex Things Done Fast at The Practice of Leadership

5 Leadership Lessons: Transparency at Leadership Now

15 Tips for Becoming as Patient as Job at ZenHabits


TED Talks – Ideas Worth Spreading Excellent talks on various topics

Change This – Some great eBooks and Manifestos

Personal MBA Updated for 2008 – A list of the best 77 business books that exist.  All for self improvement in a nice set of categories, a must to check out!

Blog Resources

A huge list of 300 great blogs were published by David Zinger here.  These are excellent business and productivity blogs.

Some recent Blog Carnivals that have included several of my articles I’ve listed here as well.  These include many other great articles to check out on related topics at each of these blog sites.

The Leadership Development Carnival #1

Working at Home Blog Carnival-Ninety-second Edition

Carnival of Project Management #21

Carnival of Inspiration and Motivation: Fourteenth edition

Carnival of Sales & Management Success

Carnival of Careers #3

The 7th Edition Of The Carnival Of Careers

Are We Balanced Yet? Carnival of Work Life Balance #4

PinkBlocks Blog Carnival on Personal Power

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