I’ve highlighted before one of my favorite resources, the TED talks conference and I recently really like another by Chris Jordan .  Chris touches on a subject of waste in our world and he challenges his audience to look at the grand scale of these problems and hopes his work will impact people to make some big changes themselves to help support and change them.  I love his approach and think it highlights the right areas that we tend to ignore each day in our lives.  I think that making an impact and working to convince others to do the same is the BIG change we all need.  These types of problems are such a grand scale, it can seem daunting to put any effort at them but considering how the numbers add up when you start with something as small as the waste of a coffee cup, the same applies when looking at reducing the use of one coffee cup at an individual level.  If I make a difference, help you make a difference and you then help someone else make a difference, the same scale of change is possible and in a positive way!  You can make a BIG difference and its really not that difficult.  You just need to convince at least one more person to make the same change you’ve made.

You can tackle issues or want to make a difference in any area of life.  Take on the things that you have a passion for, use your passions to help share them with others and teach ways and offer help to get others to do the same.  That’s what makes an impact and a BIG change, not just doing more yourself.  One area I do this with is right here writing this blog.  I’m able to share my ideas and help people tackle life, leadership and career challenges and I know the information I provide gets shared with others, linked with others and helps to make that impact bigger than I can do myself.  I do the same for others by reinforcing their content and ideas (like this article for example).  I do the same eliminating my waste in the environment.  I use a composter in the back yard, catch rain water and use energy efficient devices and appliances.  I buy those and help others get the same things which has much more impact than I could have ever saved myself without involving others.

The numbers don’t lie.  So, what BIG change can you make and share with others?  Please add your comments.

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