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Better Than Good

Author : Zig Ziglar

A few years ago now when I was absorbed in a number of motivational books and audio cassettes, I listened to one by Zig Ziglar called, “You are a Natural Champion”.  Remembering that I enjoyed listening to it triggered me to buy this book when I saw it in a local book store.  I’m happy to say it is a great book and I didn’t even realize that both Ziglar and the book deliver a Christian message that I thoroughly enjoyed and agree with.  Ziglar covers a huge list of topics in life, all focused on how to live those areas successfully and have a lasting impact on others with a purpose behind it all.  He challenges you to see the areas you can live a successful life and he does it with personal stories, humor and great inspirational messages and quotes.

He covers well one of my favorite topics, passion. He helps explore how to use that passion along with inspiration to live successfully and get to peak performance.

Ziglar offers a path to success that involves God and spirituality along the way and he covers how it has come over the years in his life to now be the central theme and purpose he has to offer in his teaching.  He allows his life and he references the life of many other great leaders and teachers who have God and Christianity as their foundation to be an example of living “Better Than Good”.  He makes the point about how the education system has shifted entirely away from any spiritual teaching or even exploration and that has limited so many people from getting at least an introduction to a God based purpose driven life.  I definitely agree with him and think its a sad shift that unfortunately supports itself to occur more and more.  Luckily there are still leaders like Ziglar to counter this shift and still provide the teaching and life example needed for our young people today.

So, the book itself is definitely interesting and as intended, inspirational and motivating.  Ziglar challenges you to face every day events from a new perspective and look to find and use your passions to match your work, actions and beliefs together to get to peak performance.  I did find some of his examples of using the phrase, “Better Than Good” to be a bit repititive and they dragged on a little at the time of reading.  The funny thing is that now after reading the whole book, I’m glad that was all there because it set it into my mind and I’ve seen some of the same affects by using that simple phrase myself.  That phrase works great when you are responding to how you feel, how something went or even to give someone else feedback on their own work or help they’ve offered.  Let them know that you are “Better than Good” or that the work they did was “Better Than Good” and you’ll find that there is always an overwhelming response when compared to the more traditional “fine” or “good” that we find ourselves using so many times.

If you are at all interested in exploring peak performance I think you can learn a lot from Ziglar in his books. Those areas he teaches that none of use should ignore which are necessary for success are:

1. Passion
2. Peak performance
3. Purpose

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