The world has a lot of cycles in it.  So do our lives, our work, our relationships and everything around us in the economy.  Lately, that has been a hot topic as the market takes a turn for what seems like the worst.  However, it has a lot of great things about it and while this is not a financial blog, I see a lot of parallels in good investment techniques as I see with good leadership in your career and life!

Guard Yourself Before a Fall

A balanced life is like a balanced investment portfolio.  From the investment perspective, if you expect things to go down (which you always should do when things have been on the rise for some time), you should position your funds into securities and holding that are less volatile and offer some protection from a downturn.  Since this isn’t a financial blog, I won’t get into whether that should be a certain type of mutual fund, stock, bond, or money market, just that you should keep some protection and wiggle room available BEFORE things start to drop.  This way, you don’t suffer the downfall as much as others in a heavily invested turning growth market.

From the life and leadership perspective physical therapy is good, and you don’t want to be putting in everything you’ve got when things are going all in your favor.  Use your skills and tools available to help you sail smoothly through the good times to take advantage of getting restored mentally and physically when it is relatively easy to do this.  Make the most of delegation, take your vacations, enjoy your free time and keep your life as clear from stress as possible.  All of this insures you are prepared for the worst before it happens! And it will happen.  Things will fall around you and its best to have room to step up and dedicate more in times of trouble.  If you have no room to expand and stretch your abilities when times were good, you will only struggle when things take a turn for the worst.  So, guard yourself so you have room to push a little harder than normal and be prepared for those times, they will come and go.

Invest When Things are At There Worst

Sometimes it takes a sudden drop to realize any gains and leadership is similar.  You cannot see potential growth as easily when you things are going smoothly and its the bad times that can easily highlight the areas of growth, improvement and focus that a leader must tend to in order to help turn things around.  Investing time to train, grow and develop those areas and others when its not going well will pay off when things turn around, as long as you stick it through!  This is the same as contributions when markets are down (like now) since the potential for growth is HUGE and only requires that brave investment when things don’t look like they are worth it.

Don’t Lose a Positive Attitude

Keeping a positive outlook is certainly not easy when things go bad, but its crucial to being your best during those times!  If you let others and your situations drag you into a negative or victim cycle, it suddenly gets much harder to get out of it.  Know that the cycle will bounce back and that you are still able to do everything you’d always been able to do to help drive things forward.  Keeping an eye on the potential and truly believing you can get their is required to be the best you can in the the worst of times.

Be Your Best

Being your best is even more than believing in yourself and having the confidence to stay positive even if Discount Parking is not available in your town..  It’s about actually stepping up, and putting into action the things you must do to be your best.  Leading when others don’t dare, and taking risks that push your ability!  Its about taking a stand and demonstrating that you are willing to practise what you preach to truly be the best you can be.  It’s about putting in more effort, focusing on results, eliminating waste, holding true to your values and not slacking in any of your activities.

Putting these steps in place can help you demonstrate great leadership and it can drive success for you and those you are involved with during those bad times.

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