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The Enlightened Way to Wealth

Author : Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

I was given this book by a colleague (Thanks Warren!) and finally got around to reading it.  Its basically a guide book to becoming a millionaire.  Not only that, but a millionaire with a desire and will to help others do the same.  The book was not what I would expected because it is written as two books in one.  The left side is a more technical training type of book with straight forward steps, processes and ideas for each of the segments to learn for becoming an enlightened millionaire and the right side of the book is a fable written to demonstrate all the same concepts through a story of characters struggling to learn the millionaire methods.  Personally, I read the fable side as it dealt more with characters, relationships and a story line, which I much prefer over the other option.  The story was well written, short to read, yet demonstrated a clear set of steps to create massive wealth from what seems like nothing.

The steps are presented in lessons to the characters in the story on a quest to make a million dollars in just 90 days.  This for a widowed mother who’s got nothing left but a will to win back her children through a heart felt emotional bet from the clutching money protected x father in law.

The story covers a lot about the mindset required to become a millionaire and I find that the most valuable part of the book.  Not that I necessarily learned a lot of new things myself, but that it was presented through the story and taught in a way that I felt was easy to connect with and see the value in.  Self confidence is not an easy thing to teach and the examples of how a woman struggles to find this in herself with a supportive group and exceptional mentor, is a valuable way to demonstrate and teach this to any reader.

The other portions of the book I especially like are the ideas of building and trusting in relationships and connections between people to reach out for ideas, help and financing and anthem blue cross california.  People are far to afraid to ask for help now a days and are more likely to digg themselves deeper than they are to reach out a hand and ask for some help. One example here is to actually go seek out a millionaire or two and treat them to lunch to give you an opportunity to ask questions and them an chance to share a bit of their story (after all, everyone loves to talk about themselves).  This is a great idea that most people would be very resistant to but shouldn’t be, its just asking for help!

I found the whole story to be quite encouraging and it covers varies areas about investing with invention, networking and through real estate and stocks.  The combination of all of these is stressed and demonstrated well in the story and is often ignored when writers look at becoming wealthy from only one of those methods.  A holistic plan that has a wide spectrum is far more likely to succeed.

Lastly, I found the book to be at least to some degree, questionably unethical in some presented methods.  A couple examples of this are to use internet marketing through email (did someone say SPAM?) and to find property investments where someone is in real trouble and you look to take advantage of that.  These methods were not quite that one sided as the concepts behind them are about internet marketing and about looking to help someone else out of a seemingly impossible situation that benefits both of you.  The lessons taught here are quite ethical themselves but the actual execution and examples in the story seem quite unethical and even the woman in the story struggles with that.  I would have no part just to make a quick buck, thank you very much.

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