One of my favorite bloggers, Leo over at Zen Habits put out a great post recently called Helping Others Helps You In The Long Run . Basically, he is (as usual) offering everything he can to help out his community of readers and fellow bloggers and knows that it is along the concept that givers gain.  I absolutely agree and loved his idea so wanted to offer a similar thing here on LearnThis.  I truly enjoy getting comments and love working with fellow bloggers to promote their sites, but I don’t get many other types of requests for my help.  I would love to help in other ways so simply want to offer some suggestions as well as an open request to contact me privately (in the form on my about page) or as a comment so I can hopefully respond and do my part in whatever way I can!

Here are just 10 ideas I believe I can help others with and I’d love to see comments not only for requests but even just for more ideas.  Here goes…


An article idea that you would like me to research and write about.  I have a long list of topics I have in mind but love to see ideas from others bloggers and my readers.


Promotion for your own site or blog .  Include your favorite article and I can provide a link to it!


Mention of your service/product .  Send me a note about what you’d like me to help you promote and I’ll put together an outline of those items to help promote it!


Life Coaching in related areas to this site.


Career Coaching to help you steer, excel and achieve in your career.


Ideas for your own articles, blogs.


Introductions to other bloggers / social media connections.


Blogging questions , site setup, help with starting a blog and how to get it moving forward.


Encouragement and positive help with any topic.


Site review / suggestions for improvement.

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